Fabric wreath

While on holiday I was invited by relatives to a fabric wreath workshop. Who knew making a wreath could be so much fun? and that making a wreath with scraps of fabric could be even  more fun?

Well quite a few in the group went with the traditional red but for some reason I was drawn to blue with a splash of pink of course

winter wreath
winter wreath


photo 7

photo 8


Night time pictures again, you think I would know better by now, maybe that is something to work on in the new year, my first resolution for 2014 to work on my photography skills?

I thoroughly enjoyed making the wreath, so much so that I bought some items online so that I could make so more! I know what you are thinking, does this girl (at what age is it wrong to refer to yourself as a girl?) not have enough projects on the go already?! well is it not better to have choice and variety I ask you? 😉

Maybe another goal for next year is to finish all my outstanding projects…. ha ha

Now let me get back to my project the wreath took about two hours to make bearing in mind the fabric was already cut out for us. I literally have nothing to complain about or judge or anything I feel I could have done better! I think a big thing with many people including myself is that we can be very self critical and for once I am not going to be (not withstanding the rest of the post about all my unfinished projects that is) I love my wreath, all the wreaths made in the workshop were very different and all lovely. There was also tea and cake provided. I think this rounds up exactly what my perfect evening would look like.

If you happen to be in the western isles pop into http://tigertextiles.moonfruit.com Alison is super nice and very talented.

Are there any workshops you would recommend for a good evening or afternoon out?

4 thoughts on “Fabric wreath

  1. this turned out gorgeous! i tried to make something similar from a pinterest photo for valentine’s day, but it ended up being more messy than artistic- and then my puppy ate all the ends of the fabric. so it goes — this year i used paper 🙂

  2. You’re never too old to call yourself as a girl. Haha! I’ll be 83 and still a girl, I’m sure. Maybe it’s just because I’m immature, though. 😉 Also, the wreath turned out great! Awesome idea!

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