Another mid progress Monday (Hanging Bird)

Just a short post today I am completely on a roll with the mid progress thingy.

I decided to makes some little birds to hang in my sons room and this is how the first one was starting to shape up

Hanging Bird
Hanging Bird

The bird does not look too bad in this picture but once I had sewn it all up I have to say he looks quite scary, it is all to do with that orange eye and the blue thread I used in the middle of the eye (sorry no picture of the beady eye)

Needless to say my little boy loves the bird and I guess that is all that matters, I am just hoping he does not need me to go in his room at night anymore because I am sure that bird is watching me…

On a lighter note my husband has started a photography course so you may just see some better pictures on my next blog post, no more mobile phone pictures for this little blog 🙂 

Mid Progress Mondays (Make-up bag)

Seeing as I have so many projects that are semi complete I though Mondays would be a good day to capture what I have (or have not) done.

The past week was running smoothly until I caught laryngitis, for the 5th time in the last seven months i might add! When I went to the GP her great advice was for me not to talk to my son all day on saturday (haha) what makes you think she has a private nanny for her kids or maybe she has no children yet. Needless to say I had to talk to my two and a half year old so still sound very high pitched.

Well I have finally taken the plunge and started to attempt my first ever make-up bag

I want to use this fabric

Summer time fabric
Summer time fabric

But because I do not want to waste it’s beauty on my first attempt which is bound to have a few mistakes I decided to trial the bag out on some cheaper fabric that I found in the fabric shop as a cut off.

Fabric to be used
Fabric to be used

The blue material is thinner so will be the lining and the purple one is for the outside.

Everything is all cut out and ready for sewing.