Christmas cushion….

Now I am either really late for 2014 or really early for Christmas 2015, I will leave it up to you to decide!

HOWEVER I like to see this as the new more organised me and that I am smashing my new years resolutions already…

I finally finished my Christmas cushion


This is really special to me for several reasons

firstly because I have only ever done the bog standard square patchwork and this is not just squares.

Patchwork cushion

secondly, I adjusted a pattern to suit what I wanted and I have never attempted to adjust a pattern before. I am in love with the magazine QuiltNow and this cushion is adjusted from their christmas wishes cushion in issue 4. Talking of the magazine if you have not picked it up before run down to the shops now and pick up a copy it is full of inspiration and has loads of different projects at all different skill levels so even a relative newbie like me can find something to try.

He wanted to be in a picture and when I said no I got this little face!
He wanted to be in a picture and when I said no I got this little face!

and last but not least this is the first time I have ever put a zipper in a cushion!

Told you I was smashing those new years resolutions, one of which is to learn new skills…..

This also takes a project off of my to do pile, I tell you my shoulders have never felt so light… ok ok that last one may be a slight exaggeration because every time I open a drawer lately I keep finding half finished projects.

But for my first finish of 2015 I am pretty chuffed.

What has been your first finish of 2015? and was it an unfinished project from 2014? please tell me I am not the only one with a pile the size of a baby elephant?!

My year in review

I am going for the alternative review today so here goes:

Most special moment:- ย Well this one is easy my son was born in August and my oldest son is over the moon with his new little brother, what more cold I ask for.

In the hospital
In the hospital

Projects still in progress:- Well I couldn’t really do a list of my work completed as because quite frankly it would be very small.

  • THAT Scarf, that is what I call it now seriously will ย it ever be finished?a little longer
  • A christmas cushion
  • a tote bag
  • my son’s patchwork quilt

Disclaimer: this is probably not a complete list, there may be more hidden round the house that I may have stored for a later date.

Did I blog at least twice a week? (as per last years resolutions) Hahaha That is all I have to say on that one!

Seriously though this has been my year of learning…

What did I learn from this year:

  • How to cut straight with a rotary cutter, seriously this was not easy for me! (p.s I could not remember the name of that knife thingy, I had to look it up on the net until I came across what I was looking for: rotary cutter. Oh 8 hour sleeps how I miss you)
  • Not to be so critical of myself when it comes to sewing, my sons quilt rarely matches up but you know what he will love it so why was I worrying? (well he will love it once it is finished that is!)

What did I achieve?

  • I guess giving the tote bags away to family was a big thing. Hardly anyone in my family (or friends) knew that I was blogging or sewing!

I hope to have an actual finished project list for 2015. Fingers crossed….

Attempt at free motion embroidery

I bought a free motion foot recently and had a go at writing using my sewing machine

attempt no: 1
attempt no: 1
attempt no: 2
attempt no: 2

I was pretty chuffed with my little trial run however tonight when I put the foot on again I wanted to neaten it up and use thinner material but I was having loads of trouble, thread coming up through the material lots of missed stitches etc.

I have given up for this evening because if I had continued I may just have tried to throw the machine out the window! ever have sewing sessions like that?

Felt heart

I had lost my groove a bit with having a baby but decided to get back into the swing of things with a mini project, something I could start and finish in one day even if there was a few stops and starts in between so I grabbed some bits and bobs

and ended up with this

felt heart

I just can’t seem to do hearts for some reason, they always turn out a funny shape!

felt heart

But it did help me get some mojo back so I have a little to do list for this week, when I say little I mean it has two things on it:

  1. Finish my sons quilt
  2. Make some more home made soup

Wish me luck and hold me accountable if I am not back next week showing off a completed quilt.

An almost finished quilt

mid progress 3

This quilt has been a long time coming and it is nearly finished!

photo 5

I have found this quilt very hard to sew, when I started I had many clothes from my son to pick from but I didn’t consider the stretch being so different. Some squares ended up being much bigger then others……


I would normally be frustrated with imperfections but I had to let this go a bit while sewing it up. Now the top is completed I just need to add a backing.

So watch this space I may just have completed quilt some day soon.

more bags all sewn up

I have finally finished work, well my last day was Friday and I feel like I have not stopped so lets get on with the catch up…

I made these bags about two weeks….

tote bag photo 8 photo 9



flower lining
flower lining

I also made a cosmetic bag but the zip keeps getting stuck where I got a bit too close to the zip when sewing but I still like it quirks and all

pretty fabric
pretty fabric

make up bag lining

I really do need to say sorry again regarding the lighting in these photo’s but hey I now have another 5 weeks to brush up on my skills if the baby does not arrive before his due date that is.

Here is a sneak peek at what else I have been working on

sneak peek my oh so cute moment of the week was when my son declared he is going to marry me! I asked where he had heard the word “marry” and he said from a girl at nursery so I asked who she wanted to marry and he said “not me because I am marrying you” doesn’t your heart just melt or maybe that is my hormones on overdrive did I mention I cried at a disney film last week?!




Tote bag making

I have been honing my sewing skills with tote bag making and have really enjoyed it so much so that I am planning to make more… Here are two of them I made at the start of last week

Tote bags

simple you may think but can I get my boxed corners to line up? NO arghh I have finished my 4th bag and they are still slightly out! I will try and try again until I get those corners perfect.

tote bag

Oh and the other thing that is quite obvious is I did not swap the bottom thread to match the lining (D’oh)

tote bag with lining


tote bag with liningOn another note I have one week left at work before I go on maternity leave, I still don’t think it has hit me yet that in just 8 weeks (if I do not go over that is) we will have a new member of the family eek mind you the back ache and waddle should be a constant reminder!

Lined Tote bag

Hi Everyone

Where has this week gone?! I have been super busy but a good sort of busy, another first (I know there are loads on this blog of mine!) was the lined tote bag I completed last week

Summer is here
Summer is here
a corner
a corner

summer tote

I was so chuffed with the results I have given it away, this may not seem like much but normally when I make something I always feel like it is not good enough but not this time ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you enjoy it mum.

Talking of my mum it is her Birthday tomorrow so watch out for some baking pictures in the next post.

Purple cushion and a little helper

I bought some lovely fabric quite some time ago, I even cut it out and like so many other projects it lay there in my bottomless craft drawer for many months (ok I admit it there may be more then one drawer….)

I finally got around to making it up last week. I even had a little helper namely my son, if you were thinking it was my husband you would be sadly wrong my three year old has more idea about what the word helpful means although I have to say my husband is pretty nifty at washing clothes so he has his uses ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do not worry though my three year old was not in charge of the sewing machine he just put the foot down for me and supplied me with a running commentary on how he was my helper and a good boy. We paused for dinner half way through and as soon as we finished he was on my back telling me we needed to get back to work so he also turned out to be my slave driver!

But it did get me one finished cushion

cushion photo 2

Summer scarf

My mother-in-law has come and gone, one week flew by filled with shopping trips, my 20 week scan, work and an over excited 3 year old.

One of our shopping trips was of course to a fabric shop, have I mentioned that my mother in law likes sewing? bonus! anyway we bought plenty of fabric, some from the “bargain bin” I am not really sure what to call it as it is not really a bin but there is definitely bargain fabric… just look at this beauty…

bargain fabric
bargain fabric

Yes you read the ticket right 90p, not even one pound and there was enough to make a summer scarf

summer scarf
summer scarf
Pretty pattern
Pretty pattern

Another finished project!

Although I did pick up material for a small bag for my son and another lot of material for some cushions that my husband said he liked, so I actually added to my project list.

Did I mention the biggest news of the week? My 20 week scan showed I was having a little boy ๐Ÿ™‚