Quilted cushion

Boy the weeks are flying by now I am back at work after maternity leave, I decided this week I really needed to make a concerted effort with sewing because my machine was gathering up some serious dust. So in stepped the patchwork cushion cover from love patchwork and quilting magazine, the pattern is by the very talented Ali from very Berry handmade.co.uk

Here is my effort


It is funny because if you follow me on Facebook you would have seen that I was not sure on the pink with the lime green but I ended up loving that colour combo but disliking the center panel, it just doesn’t seem to fit in with the other fabric. 

This cushion held some more firsts for me, my first lined cushion and my first bias binding. 


After not absolutely loving my fabric choices I decided to make some more cushions but with different fabric. 

These are similar in colour to the cushion I have just made but the prints are less busy so fingers crossed. 

My other choice I am not so confident in, I am dithering over the green. What do you think? What colour would you replace it with?