On holiday

We are visiting family in Scotland and let me tell you this is a well needed break!

I have been doing little things just look at this rather yummy looking soup (if I do say so myself)…

Homemade soup
Homemade soup

The soup is butternut squash and apple and is by far my favourite soup of all time (so far)

Another thing I have done recently is buy some new dinnerware. I previously had dark blue which was very nice but after four years I was ready for a change and that included a change in colour as the plates sometimes made food look slightly dull, am I sounding slightly crazy here or have you also noticed that white plates and bowls make food look more inviting?

Don't you just love a white bowl?!
Don’t you just love a white bowl?!

The journey up to Scotland is quite draining as we travel up to the western isles but we were all on quite good form I think, probably from the excitement

At the airport
At the airport

We had all been feeling quite poorly from one thing or another so we really felt like we needed this break. On a positive note I am now feeling much better and hope to do some crafty things while on holiday so watch this space

Oh and here is one rather cute picture for the road…

two very adorable cats
two very adorable cats


my four goals for the rest of the year

I was reading this post by A beautiful mess: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2013/10/four-simple-goals-before-2014.html

I actually quite like the goals Elsie has settled on and was finding it quite hard not to set very specific goals with an end result. I have been quite poorly and was starting to feel a bit sorry for myself so this came at the perfect time for me (even if it has taken me almost two weeks to write about it!)

After quite a bit of thinking I have settled on these 4:

1. Streamlining my home routine to make life a little more organised and a little less rushed. We have just bought a slow cooker so I am hoping this may help….

2. My son is almost three so I think this year is THE year to start with family traditions and setting some up that will hopefully last a life time. Suggestions welcome on this one!

3. Be more adventurous- and guess what I have already started this one! I had my hair cut yesterday and went for a totally different haircut for the first time in ohhhh about 10 years…

4. I was struggling to think of a 4th one and then I settled on: getting out a bit more, nothing too full on just a woodland walk, taking a bus somewhere I have never been. Sometimes routine gets in the way and before you know it months have slipped by before you realise that time was moving on as you was busy with work, cooking meals, cleaning etc.

So that is it finally typed up in black and white.

I have managed to do a little crafting but not much, I am hoping to get back to it soon.

a little bit of everything

This week I have done a lot of little things, I have been unwell and did not get very far with anything but there are a few things to post about like:

I made some mulled apple juice today, no pictures I am afraid. The recipe is pretty simple http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/13370/mulled-apple-juice

I also made some apricot and raisin cookies

mixing it up
mixing it up

I may just have a new favourite cookie AND it is kind of healthy, well they have some fruit in them- look at me getting one of my 5 a day in a cookie no less!

End result
End result

I have also been knitting some more of the scarf and cut out some material for a christmas stocking but it has been slow going hopefully I will be able to pick up the pace next week 🙂