Purple cushion and a little helper

I bought some lovely fabric quite some time ago, I even cut it out and like so many other projects it lay there in my bottomless craft drawer for many months (ok I admit it there may be more then one drawer….)

I finally got around to making it up last week. I even had a little helper namely my son, if you were thinking it was my husband you would be sadly wrong my three year old has more idea about what the word helpful means although I have to say my husband is pretty nifty at washing clothes so he has his uses šŸ˜‰

Do not worry though my three year old was not in charge of the sewing machine he just put the foot down for me and supplied me with a running commentary on how he was my helper and a good boy. We paused for dinner half way through and as soon as we finished he was on my back telling me we needed to get back to work so he also turned out to be my slave driver!

But it did get me one finished cushion

cushion photo 2


Happy Easter

Let me just say right now I am not religious in any way but I like to take a breather from everyday life (which the easter break affords) and step back and take the time to be grateful for things and for me the one big thing I am so grateful for is my family. Friends are pretty important too. You really can’t get a better “holiday” as it not only involves a long weekend and family but also has plenty of chocolate! (well apart from christmas)

So what have we been up to?

My husband brought home a choconchoc build your own house


My husband knows the way to my heart šŸ™‚ On the pack it does say from age 4+ well my son is three but let me tell you he enjoyed it, not the making of the house really as there was not much he could do but he did manage to fit in a bit of this:

just like his mum?
just like his mum?

and he got to wear a hat which he was pretty pleased about

nothing better then dressing up
nothing better then dressing upĀ 

He also enjoyed colouring in the garden

photo bomb!
photo bomb!

The end result impressed my son, the look of achievement on his face was priceless and definitely a moment to cherish. Would I buy it or a similar kit again? I would, for one the chocolate is very good and it gave us something to do together that we are both passionate about (if you have not guessed already it is the chocolate!)

choc house



Please note we may have had to do a little patch job as we was not patient enough to let it set completely in the fridge….choc house

We have just started to eat it today, yum.


Summer scarf

My mother-in-law has come and gone, one week flew by filled with shopping trips, my 20 week scan, work and an over excited 3 year old.

One of our shopping trips was of course to a fabric shop, have I mentioned that my mother in law likes sewing? bonus! anyway we bought plenty of fabric, some from the “bargain bin” I am not really sure what to call it as it is not really a bin but there is definitely bargain fabric… just look at this beauty…

bargain fabric
bargain fabric

Yes you read the ticket right 90p, not even one pound and there was enough to make a summer scarf

summer scarf
summer scarf
Pretty pattern
Pretty pattern

Another finished project!

Although I did pick up material for a small bag for my son and another lot of material for some cushions that my husband said he liked, so I actually added to my project list.

Did I mention the biggest news of the week? My 20 week scan showed I was having a little boy šŸ™‚

Exploration into stamping

I had a spare half hour the other day so decided to have a go at stamping with fabric paint, I had bought all the bits and pieces needed a couple of weeks back and was just waiting for the right time to sit down and see how messy I could get.

fabric stamping

photo 5 photo 6 photo 7

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and for a complete novice found the process simple and the results effective, if you have not done so already I would say give it a go.

I have no idea what I will do with the fabric but in truth I went in with nothing in mind just wanted to see if I would enjoy it and now that I know I do the possibilities are endless…. I am thinking a tote bag for my first project with stamped flowers and a very small amount of embroidery (small amount as I am not very good or very patient!) I like to dream big! haha. Seeing as my mother in law is down for a week soon, I may not get the tote bag started in the next couple of weeks. I also do not want to start it and then put it aside for a couple of weeks, I think I have enough unfinished projects on my to do list as it is!

I bought all my paint and stamps from http://www.colouricious.com