A little bit of knitting

I have knitted a couple of hats for the big knit- a good one if you are new to knitting as there is not too much to do on the basic pattern. If you want to join in and knit for charity here is the link http://thebigknit.co.uk/

the first hat
the first hat

I may have lost a couple to this cute little fella though

My sons little bear
My sons little bear


pretty in pink
pretty in pink

My son loved the hat and told me over dinner that it is pretty but the bear is still cold and needs a scarf! considering how long I have been knitting his scarf (about a year and a half) I think this little bear may be waiting a while.

I have also set myself the goal of finishing my sons scarf by…wait for it…the end of November. Not long now I am already feeling the pressure 😉

I am off to put this bear in the wash, have you seen how dirty he is?!


Knitting, what knitting?

Well I thought last week would be the end of my busy month. I had an audit at work that went well and I thought on Thursday that would be it, a sigh of relief and then on to more fun stuff like knitting or sewing but fate had a different plan for me…

a tangle of wool
a tangle of wool

I tried to knit with this OH so pretty wool but all I managed to do was lose my patience.

How can anyone knit with this stuff?!

My husband kept complaining because all I kept doing was sighing and tutting, I lost it and ripped the whole THREE lines, yes I made it that far 😉 from the needle and the once pretty little skein ended up like this

never knitting with the stuff ever again.
never knitting with the stuff ever again.

I took the wool in to work to show everyone and my boss has taken it off my hands and is going to make me a scarf, bonus!

Then on Saturday my son had a tummy bug which lasted through to the early hours of Monday morning so I have still not managed to do anything else crafty. Maybe this week some time…..


Extreme Knitting

What can I say I am weak!

I saw this at a craft fair last year and could not resist it


It is a bag! oh I can not wait to try and knit it.


This Lady is amazing, I also loved the rugs and other bags that were on her stall. Just look at the size of the needles

downloadand they are the small ones!

Oh and the yarns, I was there for quite some time.


Ingrid Wagner has a website at http://ingridwagner.com/

If I could figure out how to do a link to the site I would, if you have figured it out please let me know.

Knitted scarf attempt number 3

I was taught to knit by a friend a few years ago, as I said on my last post the scarf I knitted for my mum (my first ever knitted item I might add) took years for me to complete.

I like knitting but when I am sat down doing nothing I like to do just that, nothing. Plus because I am still relatively new to it, it takes all my concentration not to go wrong, if I do something wrong I still can’t fix it! I have to wait until I see someone who can sort it out for me.

I am not saying knitting is overly complicated but I just don’t think my brain is wired to figure out how to go backwards to find the stitch I have dropped, I blame it on being left-handed 😉

Anyway, here is my son’s scarf so far…

Noah's scarf 1

Noah's scarf 2

Any bets it will be finished by easter?

Today I was home with my son and we made gingerbread biscuits. We all HAD to watch TV too

Everyone must watch TV

I have no idea where he gets being bossy from…