A bit of everything

So what have I been up to? Quite a lot actually!

On the baking front, We (I do all my baking with my son, he picks out what we make) made these yummy strawberry cakes

Strawberry cupcakesStrawberry cupcakes

This was my first time using a piping bag and the outcome was well worth the extra washing up. Do you have a favourite cupcake recipe? If you do let me know we are always on the look out for reasons to bake cakes!

We also had mothers day where I got this gorgeous plant from my son

Mothers day plantAND we had a couple of nights away at Legoland, it was not planned we had all been unwell and this was the first time both my boys were unwell at the same time and it went on for about two weeks and it was all quite overwhelming really so we just felt we needed a break, there was many other reasons as well including the fact that I have to return to work soon boo hoo.

Legoland ride Now if you have no children you may want to stop reading now because I am going to be gushing about Legoland and if you do not have any children I could imagine it would be quite boring.

Well where do I start? Whilst expensive staying in the hotel was well worth it, my son was just blown away by everything, the pirate room which had pirate bunk beds (As a side note to parents the room was clean, we could not fault it) They left a mini treasure hunt for my son which was really fun for him to do as we unpacked and the hotel itself was just WOW all I kept thinking was if this had been around when I was a kid I would have been amazed and speechless which I rarely was by all accounts. Also again whilst expensive the food was very good and there was a lot of choice. My views may be slightly tainted as we was able to go Sunday to Tuesday whilst the schools were still in so the place was relatively quiet on the Monday the longest we queued for a ride was 5 minutes. Before I forget the hotel entertainment was just great as well my son had so much fun he didn’t want to leave. So Legoland gets a definite thumbs up.

Again I have been doing bits and bobs in sewing, I have a draw string bag to show off and an almost finished quilt top as well as some more patchwork blocks to show off so hopefully I will be back soon with an update and some pretty pictures.

One thought on “A bit of everything

  1. Your little cakes look delicious! and beautifully piped swirls. I haven’t been to lego land, my children were too old when it opened, but it looks like fun! Sometimes you just need a good break.

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