Birthday cake anyone?

My son turned three a couple of weeks ago and all he had asked for was cake, so that is exactly what he got (as well as a few presents, I wanted him to have something to open after all!)

ohhh argh
ohhh argh

I was lucky enough to have help from my nieces otherwise it would have looked a complete mess, lets just say cake decorating is not my forte.

But he loved it anyway especially the treasure chest filled with sweets

There be treasure
There be treasure

Our holiday in Scotland was just what we all needed with plenty of fresh air and lots of family time

a little walk
a little walk
refreshing views
refreshing views

I did complete a couple of projects and even managed to start a few more but I leave you today with my favourite moment of the holiday

My son had a party a couple of days before his Birthday so on the day when he woke up I asked him:

“Do you know what day it is son?”

“No Mummy”

“Well today is your Birthday!”

“Oh not again!”

“But you get presents and more cake”

“No I don’t want it”!

Oh dear, sooo not his mothers son, if someone had told me there was more cake and presents I would be jumping out of that bed as quickly as possible 🙂

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