Fabric I may have bought recently…

If my husband is reading this I bought all of this fabric a VERY long time ago, for everyone else I bought this at a combination of the knit and stitch show and a local shop








Notice a Theme?

I have started to use some of it already and even have plans for the rest.

What have you bought recently?




Christmas cards

Anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely love Christmas and what better way to kick off the season then making Christmas cards?

I am lucky enough to have a mum who has a house full of card makig supplies and gadgets, let me tell you now card making is not cheap.

After a good few hours over a couple of days what do I have to show for my efforts?

Christmas  cards



Christmas  cards


Christmas  cards

Two cards. Just two cards. I may be pleased with them but at this rate it will take me about 7 years to make enough to send out for Christmas… So I ended up buying the rest of the cards haha.

have you tried something new recently? How did it turn out?


Attempt at free motion embroidery

I bought a free motion foot recently and had a go at writing using my sewing machine

attempt no: 1
attempt no: 1
attempt no: 2
attempt no: 2

I was pretty chuffed with my little trial run however tonight when I put the foot on again I wanted to neaten it up and use thinner material but I was having loads of trouble, thread coming up through the material lots of missed stitches etc.

I have given up for this evening because if I had continued I may just have tried to throw the machine out the window! ever have sewing sessions like that?

Decopatch letters

You may have seen a previous post about decopatch:


Well seeing as we had a new addition to the family I thought I had better add to the wall art, what do you think?

decopatch letters


All you need is wooden or papier mache letters

glue with a varnish added in, you can buy this already mixed.

a brush

some thin paper.

Apparently some people rip the paper and others cut it up. I never knew there was different ways of doing it so I have always just ripped the paper up and I quite like the result

decopatch letter

If you decopatch as well do you cut or tear? which end result do you prefer?

In other news I am still knee deep in sewing up my sons quilt, I had started but I am now having to unpick quite a few stitches. I am now taking bets to whether the quilt will be completed by christmas 😉