Quilted cushion

Boy the weeks are flying by now I am back at work after maternity leave, I decided this week I really needed to make a concerted effort with sewing because my machine was gathering up some serious dust. So in stepped the patchwork cushion cover from love patchwork and quilting magazine, the pattern is by the very talented Ali from very Berry handmade.co.uk

Here is my effort


It is funny because if you follow me on Facebook you would have seen that I was not sure on the pink with the lime green but I ended up loving that colour combo but disliking the center panel, it just doesn’t seem to fit in with the other fabric. 

This cushion held some more firsts for me, my first lined cushion and my first bias binding. 


After not absolutely loving my fabric choices I decided to make some more cushions but with different fabric. 

These are similar in colour to the cushion I have just made but the prints are less busy so fingers crossed. 

My other choice I am not so confident in, I am dithering over the green. What do you think? What colour would you replace it with?

A finished Quilt or is it a blanket?

I have finally finished my oldest sons quilt! I may have started this when he was a toddler but he will start big school (primary school) in September! I am blaming time for how long this one took, has anyone else noticed how quickly time has been passing recently… In the last 2 years… ? I swear it is not my fault projects seem to take so long.

But here is my first ever finished quilt

On his bed already
On his bed already

Now technically this may not be a quilt as it has no wadding/batting and is not really quilted. It has a fleece back and the front is patchwork made from my sons baby clothes.

Now I am proud of this for several reasons:

1. It is my first ever FINISHED as in COMPLETED quilt!

2. It has appliqué on it in three different places and I can count on one hand how many times I have attempted appliqué.


Appliqué monstersApplique3. Because my son loved it.

A bit of everything

So what have I been up to? Quite a lot actually!

On the baking front, We (I do all my baking with my son, he picks out what we make) made these yummy strawberry cakes

Strawberry cupcakesStrawberry cupcakes

This was my first time using a piping bag and the outcome was well worth the extra washing up. Do you have a favourite cupcake recipe? If you do let me know we are always on the look out for reasons to bake cakes!

We also had mothers day where I got this gorgeous plant from my son

Mothers day plantAND we had a couple of nights away at Legoland, it was not planned we had all been unwell and this was the first time both my boys were unwell at the same time and it went on for about two weeks and it was all quite overwhelming really so we just felt we needed a break, there was many other reasons as well including the fact that I have to return to work soon boo hoo.

Legoland ride Now if you have no children you may want to stop reading now because I am going to be gushing about Legoland and if you do not have any children I could imagine it would be quite boring.

Well where do I start? Whilst expensive staying in the hotel was well worth it, my son was just blown away by everything, the pirate room which had pirate bunk beds (As a side note to parents the room was clean, we could not fault it) They left a mini treasure hunt for my son which was really fun for him to do as we unpacked and the hotel itself was just WOW all I kept thinking was if this had been around when I was a kid I would have been amazed and speechless which I rarely was by all accounts. Also again whilst expensive the food was very good and there was a lot of choice. My views may be slightly tainted as we was able to go Sunday to Tuesday whilst the schools were still in so the place was relatively quiet on the Monday the longest we queued for a ride was 5 minutes. Before I forget the hotel entertainment was just great as well my son had so much fun he didn’t want to leave. So Legoland gets a definite thumbs up.

Again I have been doing bits and bobs in sewing, I have a draw string bag to show off and an almost finished quilt top as well as some more patchwork blocks to show off so hopefully I will be back soon with an update and some pretty pictures.

Baby make

I have a friend who is pregnant and wanted to make something for the baby on the way but I was not sure what until I decided on burp cloths. With all the materials in I cracked on with it, I had looked up some tutorials but it is all quite straight forward so decided to make my own size/shape. The mother to be is very petite (read: Shortie) so I decided not to make them too big and also decided to make them rectangular, I had thought about a kidney bean sort of shape but the expectant mother does not live close by so decided to go with a safe option as I do not want it to be too big.

Without further a do here is what I ended up with I have only made two so far but wanted to get some other sort of cute fabric to mix it up a bit, which hopefully will happen this week…..

Burp clothBurp cloth

Now all I need to do is see how they wash up before I send them out to her, fingers crossed and wish me luck!

Christmas cards

Anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely love Christmas and what better way to kick off the season then making Christmas cards?

I am lucky enough to have a mum who has a house full of card makig supplies and gadgets, let me tell you now card making is not cheap.

After a good few hours over a couple of days what do I have to show for my efforts?

Christmas  cards



Christmas  cards


Christmas  cards

Two cards. Just two cards. I may be pleased with them but at this rate it will take me about 7 years to make enough to send out for Christmas… So I ended up buying the rest of the cards haha.

have you tried something new recently? How did it turn out?


Decopatch letters

You may have seen a previous post about decopatch:


Well seeing as we had a new addition to the family I thought I had better add to the wall art, what do you think?

decopatch letters


All you need is wooden or papier mache letters

glue with a varnish added in, you can buy this already mixed.

a brush

some thin paper.

Apparently some people rip the paper and others cut it up. I never knew there was different ways of doing it so I have always just ripped the paper up and I quite like the result

decopatch letter

If you decopatch as well do you cut or tear? which end result do you prefer?

In other news I am still knee deep in sewing up my sons quilt, I had started but I am now having to unpick quite a few stitches. I am now taking bets to whether the quilt will be completed by christmas 😉

A little bit of baking

Well I may not have been up to much crafting recently but I have been cooking and I was very chuffed with my most recent effort at baking, not only did it taste good it also looked good AND I was able to do quite a bit with my three year old son

He could mix (we did get sugar everywhere mind) and he could also scatter the sugar mixture and the blueberries and there is nothing like licking the spoon, unfortunatley you have to give the spoon up when you have children otherwise they wrestle you for it and they always win 😉

blueberry cake photo 12

Again from the Goodfood magazine, I think I should get commission from them right?!

I am going to try it with peaches next time as I think they would make it that bit sweeter.

I did also try to make a pea and potato curry (again from the goodfood magazine, don’t all groan at once) but I have to say this was the first recipe that turned out just awful – sorry goodfood if you are reading this which I am pretty sure you are not but this recipe was all wrong, too many potatoes, cooking time was way off and my sauce curdled. I did learn a lesson though:

If you are not sure on something go on line find the recipe and read the comments

I unfortunately did this too late, hey we did eat it but this is one I would not attempt again but you can not win them all can you.

I had also cooked this



But for the life of me I can not remember what it was! Babybrain maybe.

Felt heart

I had lost my groove a bit with having a baby but decided to get back into the swing of things with a mini project, something I could start and finish in one day even if there was a few stops and starts in between so I grabbed some bits and bobs

and ended up with this

felt heart

I just can’t seem to do hearts for some reason, they always turn out a funny shape!

felt heart

But it did help me get some mojo back so I have a little to do list for this week, when I say little I mean it has two things on it:

  1. Finish my sons quilt
  2. Make some more home made soup

Wish me luck and hold me accountable if I am not back next week showing off a completed quilt.

My stork has arrived!

I have been a little quiet lately for a very good reason…. please meet the new addition to our family

In the hospital
In the hospital

new baby

Well what can I say? we are sleep deprived but very happy. My oldest son is very pleased to be a big brother and has not stopped kissing his little brother since we got home but to be fair I can not stop kissing him either

ohhh that baby smell is just wonderful. I hope to post some more soon once I catch up on some sleep 🙂

Tote bag making

I have been honing my sewing skills with tote bag making and have really enjoyed it so much so that I am planning to make more… Here are two of them I made at the start of last week

Tote bags

simple you may think but can I get my boxed corners to line up? NO arghh I have finished my 4th bag and they are still slightly out! I will try and try again until I get those corners perfect.

tote bag

Oh and the other thing that is quite obvious is I did not swap the bottom thread to match the lining (D’oh)

tote bag with lining


tote bag with liningOn another note I have one week left at work before I go on maternity leave, I still don’t think it has hit me yet that in just 8 weeks (if I do not go over that is) we will have a new member of the family eek mind you the back ache and waddle should be a constant reminder!