Tote bag making

I have been honing my sewing skills with tote bag making and have really enjoyed it so much so that I am planning to make more… Here are two of them I made at the start of last week

Tote bags

simple you may think but can I get my boxed corners to line up? NO arghh I have finished my 4th bag and they are still slightly out! I will try and try again until I get those corners perfect.

tote bag

Oh and the other thing that is quite obvious is I did not swap the bottom thread to match the lining (D’oh)

tote bag with lining


tote bag with liningOn another note I have one week left at work before I go on maternity leave, I still don’t think it has hit me yet that in just 8 weeks (if I do not go over that is) we will have a new member of the family eek mind you the back ache and waddle should be a constant reminder!

Mini break away

Can it be classed as a baby moon if you have your three year old tagging along?

We stayed in the UK as I didn’t want to go abroad while 30 weeks pregnant I just don’t think I could cope with the heat. We were lucky enough to visit a friend in leeds for a few days and then visit family in Edinburgh.

Even more lucky that it did not rain in Edinburgh whilst we was there! It always seems to rain normally (well whenever we are there that is)

The scenery just outside of Edinburgh was just stunning and I got chance to rest which was really needed.

Out for a walk
Out for a walk 

My beautiful three year old took his tantrum to a new level on the Friday before traveling home and learnt a new dreaded word and NO it was not a swear word (thankfully) however it was something much more devastating “I HATE you” my heart almost broke when he said  it to me 😦 my first thought was…I thought I had much more time to prepare before he became a teenager! and my second thought was…what have I done, I have another one on the way how will I cope? haha bit ate now i hear you say 😉

Anyway I have been doing some sewing I actually have quite a bit to catch up on, I just have to attempt to take some half decent pictures.