A few unfinished projects

When I say a few I mean loads, I am going to have to finish some before they take over the flat.

I have done a few more lines on my sons scarf I hope to have it finished by the time he is 18 but it is touch and go 😉

I also have a letter I am half way through completing



This has been half finished for about a year! ridiculous right but it is still sat in the drawer. I think it is because I am not completely sold on the pink polka dot.

I also have this pretty fabric for a top, I have never made clothes before but hey I will give anything a go. I love the colours of the fabric

photo copy


Maybe I will have a new summer top.

There is probably more unfinished projects but I have not got round to finishing the list yet (yes it was a joke and yes it is a little cheesy)

Summer tote bag

Well I have been bitten with the Tote making bug.

I was sorting through my mounds of fabric and found some striped fabric, I may have forgotten I had it but will not admit that to my husband. As soon as I saw it I knew it would make the perfect tote bag

securedownload-5Please excuse the creases, I did get round to ironing it. I also dug through my button box and found some to add a bit of interest to the bag.

securedownload-6I LOVE BUTTONS

securedownload-7I think I have settled on these buttons

When I finished admiring the beautiful fabric and OH SOOO pretty buttons I finally got round to some sewing and here is the semi-finished product



I still have to sew the buttons on but I figure that is a job for tomorrow





Cushion number 1

We have been all go since before Easter, the dreaded flu hit our house again. Which has left me dreaming of sunshine and being warm, luckily we have booked our holiday abroad which I have to say is a lot more stressful when you have a child, how long is the flight? will the weather be too hot? what is the food like (we are going all inclusive!)?

Anyway we settled on Lanzarote, we are taking my mum for her birthday as she turns 60 this year. I am counting down the days- we have 11 weeks to go.

Well let me get back to crafting, I finally got round to making a cushion for our sofa and here is the end result:

securedownloadThe back of the cushion is the same fabric as the heart and it is all Harris tweed.

securedownload-3My son jumped up on the sofa as soon as he saw the cushion so I couldn’t get many pictures

securedownload-2He also said to me “it’s nice Mummy” well I can’t complain if my son is my biggest fan 😉