Valentine’s gifts

Some girls get chocolate, some get wine and I got…


I didn’t even ask for these items!!!


He picked the gifts all out by himself!

securedownloadDidn’t he do well!

I am still in shock, this is the man after all that can never seem to get my Birthday present on time.

I have already started to use the new rotary cutter. I was ready to give up on ever cutting a straight line and I have to admit if my son had not been in the room the air might have been slightly blue with cursing, until I realised…. I could change the blade to the other side making it left handed (which I am) oh boy! so much better although I still have at least 100 more squares to go.

More fabric arrived today :-)

Well I recieved more fabric in the post today, I may have bought it for myself but hey ho, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ME 🙂

downloadNow I was supposed to order fabric for my ongoing quilt project but I do not think these ones quite make the cut. It does not mean I do not love them because I do, I especially adore the floral one on the right which leaves me in a dilema should I order more? and ignore the raisd eyebrows of my husband?


These ones will be in the quilt I think. I am sooo sorry about the picture, I always post at night when the little guy is in bed so I do the photo’s in no natural light, the shadow in this one is me trying not to lean over the photo without success.


Not much crafting of late

Well I am finally feeling better, the flu really knocked me for 6. The funny thing is my son who had the cold first was over it in a few days and I was still feeling rough a week and a half later, how does that work? or is it just old age?

I have been doing little bits, I cut out some more squares for my patchwork quilt, I am now up to 96 but with my calculations I need 236 in total so nearly there….sort of…

My mother in law also wanted something to store her stud earrings in so I started something that resembles a little book but it needs something more to it, it is a little too plain at the minute so of course I had to go online and do some fabric shopping…. It will be delivered some time this week, I am smiling just thinking about.