Christmas wrapping

I absolutely L O V E Christmas but I absolutely hate wrapping presents. If i could get out of it I would but with a 4 year old and a 4 month old it doesn’t look like this chore will be reducing, lets be honest in the next couple of years it is likely to be increasing, humph.

However I love anything crafty and I started to stamp my own wrapping paper last year and when I saw some delightful little stamps I decided to do it again this year and here is my first parcel

stamped wrapping paper

Christmas wrapping paper

I really like the new stamps I have bought from the English stamp company, the detail is amazing and the lines are so sharp now I can compare the stamps from last year and there really is no comparison. Would I buy from them again? the answer is a big fat YES.

The ink was new as well and they are Versacolor mini cubes, the gold I used with this parcel is very rich and sharp, well you can see for yourself of course!

I have completed some more wrapping I just need to take a few minutes during day light to take some more pictures.

What do you think? have you used the English stamp company before?

I also have lots to tell you about a little someones 4th (Yes 4- time is passing so quickly!) Birthday and our trip to Scotland but that will just have to wait for another post there is not enough hours in the day anymore!

Felt christmas ornament

I tried my hand at some more christmas decorations today. I have some felt I bought months ago with the idea of making christmas tree ornaments and tonight was the night I finally cracked on with them, well when I say them I mean one.





I do like the end result but knew I should have trusted my gut and gone with bolder colours like red felt with white stitching, I sort of feel the colours on the star are more for easter, that said I still like it.

I never thought I would ever say it but I feel all christmassed (?) out. Well what I mean is I can not even think, let alone do any more christmas crafting for this year.

So now the big question is what should I have a go at next? hanging hearts? coin purse? patchworking? cushion covers? more curtains? Oh which reminds me I will have to show you my sons curtains that I made myself, well with the help of my mother in law. I will save the curtains for their very own post though.

Christmas crafting

I had been hoping for a more home made christmas this year, I had big plans of handmade candles for gifts, gingerbread biscuits, christmas stockings, tree decorations and printed christmas wrapping paper all made by my fair hands but then the real world took over.

The whole house has been ill each taking our turns over the last two weeks to have the flu and in the midst of all this my son turned 2! I can not believe he is two already but on the other hand it feels like he has been around a lot longer then just two years.

So what have I managed to do?

4 stockings, I still have one to go and two loops to put on but I am almost there I can see the finish line now.

Christmas stockings 2012


I have also finished the christmas tree decorations I started with my son, but I am a bit disappointed that I didn’t have time to jazz them up a bit more with glitter.

christmas tree decorations 2012I have to apologise for the poor quality of the picture, no matter what angle I took the picture from the ornament came out looking like a blinding disc of shininess.

I am hoping to do the gingerbread men soon, so I may still get that done before christmas but everything else is just going to have to go on hold.

Did I mention I started knitting a scarf for my mum for christmas three years ago and she only got it this year? I am currently knitting a scarf for my son, I wonder what age he will be by the time he gets it?