Christmas food

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all had a lovely couple of days and are now getting ready for the new year.

We have been cooking and baking a lot over the last few days but it has been a relaxing happy sort of cooking not the pressure is on type of cooking. It was a quiet Christmas my husband was at work but my mum came up for a few days and did most of the cooking which freed me up to make desserts.

On Christmas day I made brownie fudge pie :

From the start this was a bit of a disaster I started to cook the pastry when I realised I had put in way too much butter as I had read the amount for the filling when weighing out the ingredients for the pastry so I had to start again. The mistakes did not stop there I somehow missed out the dark chocolate completely and did not even realise until the next day! Even after all that the dessert was nice if a little too sweet however the dark chocolate may have balanced it out. I normally stick to easy recipes but I would say this dessert was a little more effort due to making the pastry, I would attempt to make it again though as it was enjoyable and could be improved on IF I remember to use all the ingredients next time (No alcohol was consumed while making this dessert all mistakes were my own :-))

The next day I got my Nigella on and cooked her ham in coca cola:

I made this last year and loved it and this year was no exception. Well worth the effort.

My other Nigella recipe of the day was chocolate pear pudding:

This was such a simple dessert all you do is throw all the ingredients in a bowl and make it into a batter, pour over the pears and stick it in the oven and it tastes so good. This one would be good to make with kids, my son loves to weigh things out so this would suit him perfectly.

No pictures I am afraid, we was too busy eating to get out a camera or phone!

What did you cook/bake over Christmas?

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