Curtains for my sons room

I actually completed theses some time ago but I wanted to prove I have some finished projects under my belt although even I have to admit I have quite a few projects on the go right now.


I had a great deal of help from my mother in law. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures but the windows in the flat are really big, so big in fact if we wanted to buy curtains we would have to get made to measure which would cost us an absolute fortune.

We found this fabric on sale at my local fabric shop that has a bargain basket and I think we paid something like £20 for it (there is enough spare to make two sets of bedding whenever I get round to it!)

I also bought some black out lining. I was so pleased with how they turned out even if they were way too long, lets just say maths is not our strong point!securedownload-2

squares for my quilt in progress

I finally cut out some squares using my new mat and rotary cutter


Well I wish I had invested in it from the start, I think it took me 15 minutes to cut out 14 perfect squares! I then raced on and cut some more. Just look at the straight lines


I can’t imagine how many squares a pro can cut out in just half an hour. I will just have to keep on practising.

I am now off to rest as the whole house has a cold/sore throat so I need to conserve some energy But I may try and fit in a little time tomorrow for some more cutting out 😉

A quilt in progress

Well I started making a quilt a few months back, it is only my second (ever) and I have made some mistakes, I am ok with that as they say you learn from mistakes right?!

My first quilt I started many years ago, It (when I say “it” in this instance i mean the idea) started off as a double sized quilt and ended up the size of a wall hanging! I did not have the patience for cutting the squares neatly to the exact same size, something I have only realised was a down fall since starting this second quilt and the other big mistake was the binding, a mistake I have still not rectified.

Now on to the second one

downloadI started it when I had a selection of fabrics but not enough to make a whole quilt, mistake number 1. I need to buy more fabric, which is no hardship BUT it means the newer fabric will not appear on these three strips.

downloadYou can probably see from the above picture mistake number 2, look at that green square in the middle, if it is actually a square and not a rectangle….

Despite all the mistakes I still like what I have done so far, all I can say it is going to have character once it is finished.

I did buy more fabric for the quilt

downloadYou will also be glad to hear that I got a rotary cutter and Mat!

Beaten by the heart so a phone case instead

I attempted 3 times to finish the heart off (from the last post) but it would just not go right. It is one of those things, I will go back to it at some point but I had to put it down before I tried to throw it out the window or bury it in the snow that fell for most of the day today.

So this evening I sat down and made this



It is felt and hand stitched which you can probably tell from these close ups



securedownload-5The last picture is quite blurry but I couldn’t get a clear shot with my non existent camera skills.


Heart in progress and a very sore nose…

I had hoped to finish the heart today but I have been quite busy, apart from the hour where I sat on the sofa with a bag of ice on my nose! I was playing monsters with my son (making scary noises and clawing the air with my hands) as you do, when I sort of moved forward and he lunged forward at the same time head butting my nose at a funny angle.

I tried not to make a big fuss as I didn’t want to scare him, I can be quite dramatic sometimes but I honestly thought I had broken my nose my whole face was tingling, no blood thankfully and the poor wee guy kept rubbing my arm saying “sorry mummy” and I was trying to say it was an accident through the shaking and eyes watering (I did say I can be dramatic!) The result is I have a bruise right on the end of my nose.

When I rung my husband to tell him what had happened he said “I hope you dont get black eye’s otherwise people might think I hit you” the concern didn’t end there “if you do you will have to wear sunglasses tomorrow when we go out” caring huh?!

Anyway I had some nice red fabric I wanted to make some hanging hearts with, I cut out three but have only started on one so far


I have used some felt and Harris tweed with a grey button.


I just need to sew it up and stuff it. With the next heart I might cut out some of the red and put a fabric underneath it, we will see.

Extreme Knitting

What can I say I am weak!

I saw this at a craft fair last year and could not resist it


It is a bag! oh I can not wait to try and knit it.


This Lady is amazing, I also loved the rugs and other bags that were on her stall. Just look at the size of the needles

downloadand they are the small ones!

Oh and the yarns, I was there for quite some time.


Ingrid Wagner has a website at

If I could figure out how to do a link to the site I would, if you have figured it out please let me know.

A belated Happy New Year and a card I want to share

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year! My mother in-law went back home to Scotland on Friday morning so we have been quite busy throughout the christmas/ new year period, not to mention I have been at work for all of it, apart from the bank holidays. So in a way it is nice to have the home back to ourselves again.

My new years resolutions are quite simple this year, cut down on my chocolate intake mind you this has been a new years resolution for a few years now…

I also want to get in the swing of writing at least two blogs a week.

My last resolution is to continue planning our meals out for the month, I have been doing one big shop a month for the last three months now, I decide on the meals then figure out what food I need we have actually saved over £100 a month so well worth continuing.

Anyway I wanted to show you this:


This is a card made by my Mum, pretty good isn’t it, although I may be a little biased. But I think anyone would be pleased to get a card like this through their door. What do you think?