Christmas cards

Anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely love Christmas and what better way to kick off the season then making Christmas cards?

I am lucky enough to have a mum who has a house full of card makig supplies and gadgets, let me tell you now card making is not cheap.

After a good few hours over a couple of days what do I have to show for my efforts?

Christmas  cards



Christmas  cards


Christmas  cards

Two cards. Just two cards. I may be pleased with them but at this rate it will take me about 7 years to make enough to send out for Christmas… So I ended up buying the rest of the cards haha.

have you tried something new recently? How did it turn out?


Felt heart

I had lost my groove a bit with having a baby but decided to get back into the swing of things with a mini project, something I could start and finish in one day even if there was a few stops and starts in between so I grabbed some bits and bobs

and ended up with this

felt heart

I just can’t seem to do hearts for some reason, they always turn out a funny shape!

felt heart

But it did help me get some mojo back so I have a little to do list for this week, when I say little I mean it has two things on it:

  1. Finish my sons quilt
  2. Make some more home made soup

Wish me luck and hold me accountable if I am not back next week showing off a completed quilt.

Tote bag making

I have been honing my sewing skills with tote bag making and have really enjoyed it so much so that I am planning to make more… Here are two of them I made at the start of last week

Tote bags

simple you may think but can I get my boxed corners to line up? NO arghh I have finished my 4th bag and they are still slightly out! I will try and try again until I get those corners perfect.

tote bag

Oh and the other thing that is quite obvious is I did not swap the bottom thread to match the lining (D’oh)

tote bag with lining


tote bag with liningOn another note I have one week left at work before I go on maternity leave, I still don’t think it has hit me yet that in just 8 weeks (if I do not go over that is) we will have a new member of the family eek mind you the back ache and waddle should be a constant reminder!

Exploration into stamping

I had a spare half hour the other day so decided to have a go at stamping with fabric paint, I had bought all the bits and pieces needed a couple of weeks back and was just waiting for the right time to sit down and see how messy I could get.

fabric stamping

photo 5 photo 6 photo 7

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and for a complete novice found the process simple and the results effective, if you have not done so already I would say give it a go.

I have no idea what I will do with the fabric but in truth I went in with nothing in mind just wanted to see if I would enjoy it and now that I know I do the possibilities are endless…. I am thinking a tote bag for my first project with stamped flowers and a very small amount of embroidery (small amount as I am not very good or very patient!) I like to dream big! haha. Seeing as my mother in law is down for a week soon, I may not get the tote bag started in the next couple of weeks. I also do not want to start it and then put it aside for a couple of weeks, I think I have enough unfinished projects on my to do list as it is!

I bought all my paint and stamps from

Fabric wreath

While on holiday I was invited by relatives to a fabric wreath workshop. Who knew making a wreath could be so much fun? and that making a wreath with scraps of fabric could be even  more fun?

Well quite a few in the group went with the traditional red but for some reason I was drawn to blue with a splash of pink of course

winter wreath
winter wreath


photo 7

photo 8


Night time pictures again, you think I would know better by now, maybe that is something to work on in the new year, my first resolution for 2014 to work on my photography skills?

I thoroughly enjoyed making the wreath, so much so that I bought some items online so that I could make so more! I know what you are thinking, does this girl (at what age is it wrong to refer to yourself as a girl?) not have enough projects on the go already?! well is it not better to have choice and variety I ask you? 😉

Maybe another goal for next year is to finish all my outstanding projects…. ha ha

Now let me get back to my project the wreath took about two hours to make bearing in mind the fabric was already cut out for us. I literally have nothing to complain about or judge or anything I feel I could have done better! I think a big thing with many people including myself is that we can be very self critical and for once I am not going to be (not withstanding the rest of the post about all my unfinished projects that is) I love my wreath, all the wreaths made in the workshop were very different and all lovely. There was also tea and cake provided. I think this rounds up exactly what my perfect evening would look like.

If you happen to be in the western isles pop into Alison is super nice and very talented.

Are there any workshops you would recommend for a good evening or afternoon out?

A little bit of knitting

I have knitted a couple of hats for the big knit- a good one if you are new to knitting as there is not too much to do on the basic pattern. If you want to join in and knit for charity here is the link

the first hat
the first hat

I may have lost a couple to this cute little fella though

My sons little bear
My sons little bear


pretty in pink
pretty in pink

My son loved the hat and told me over dinner that it is pretty but the bear is still cold and needs a scarf! considering how long I have been knitting his scarf (about a year and a half) I think this little bear may be waiting a while.

I have also set myself the goal of finishing my sons scarf by…wait for it…the end of November. Not long now I am already feeling the pressure 😉

I am off to put this bear in the wash, have you seen how dirty he is?!


More fabric and some pom poms

I went to the knit and stitch show at Ally Pally last weekend and I must say it felt a little like Christmas, so much fabric and so many ideas.

I bought some fabric

My little gems
My little gems

photo 2


I love the peacock fabric.

I have no idea what I will make with the fabric I just saw it and wanted it.

I have also been making some pom poms who knew it was so easy! now lets be fair if I can make them then anyone can, you have seen my snowflakes right?

pom poms



It is snow joke

I have been trying to make a felt christmas tree ornament, I know Christmas talk already but I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

However I can not make a snowflake to save my life, I thought it would be like the paper ones I made when I was a child where you fold the paper up and cut bits out and voila it would magically turn into a snowflake when unfolded.

But this is not the case

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

There was no way this one would make it onto the christmas tree unless I say my son cut it out! But no it went in the bin.

Then I tried to cut out the shape of what I thought a snowflake should look like

Exhibit B
Exhibit B

This is definitely a post about what NOT to do!

So then I drew the snowflake out before getting snip happy

Third time lucky?
Third time lucky?

What an improvement right?! just goes to show in crafting a little more effort does pay off, I guess that is the same for ironing fabric at every step when quilting or making something like a bag.

However I am still hoping to improve on the snowflake a bit more, any tips are more then welcome!


Quilting inspiration

It was right there in my face, how could I miss it? It is my front door!

Don’t worry I am not starting a new quilt, 3 on the go is enough for now.

But one day…..

A block for a quilt?
A block for a quilt?
wouldn't this make a pretty quilt.
wouldn’t this make a pretty quilt.

The inspiration does not stop there, just look at the hallway floor

I could live with this pattern on a quilt
I could live with this pattern on a quilt

I would like to state now that the floor does not need cleaning, the lighter tiles are actually varying shades of grey. Still pretty though right?!

Edge of the floor
Edge of the floor

On another note the glitter letters still have a bit of glitz to them. They are shedding quite a bit though!

Glitter letters

I have been blinging (is that even a word?) it up tonight.

Glitter letter B
Glitter letter B

I some how managed to get glitter everywhere, even in my hair!

I spent as much time cleaning up as I did for painting the letters and adding glitter BUT it was well worth it, I like the end result only time will tell if the glitter stays put on the letter or sheds like a long haired cat.

D and B
D and B

I will let you know how they look after a few days of standing there and looking pretty.