A little bit of cooking

I may not have been doing much crafting but as soon as I got my appetite back I made up for lost time and hit the cook books / magazines. Here are my efforts in pictures, you may have read here before but I really do need to improve on the quality of my pictures! (Yes I said it again, I may even act upon it one day 😉 )



photo 3photo photo 2

The best by far was the cake, I am always hit and miss when it comes to cake we have a very old oven that cooks more on one side then the other but this one turned out just right. Note the cutting mat under the cake, so I have been doing a little crafting but mainly cutting so there is not much to show yet.


Bun in the oven

Time has flown by this year, I can not believe we are knocking at the door of April already! I have not been very active on wordpress recently but trust me I have a very good reason…

We have been cooking up a great deal in our house lately including the bun in the oven 🙂

is it a baby or a dinosaur as my little boy suggested?!
is it a baby or a dinosaur as my little boy suggested?

Boy (or should I say girl?) have I been unwell this time around but now I am starting to feel more human and more like my old self I am hoping to get back to some crafting. I mean I was so unwell I didn’t even want to look at any blog posts or Pinterest! Yes I was that unwell!

Anyway I do not want to bore you with baby related stuff, I am sure there will be plenty of that to come 😉

I have managed to do a little cooking and have found some new family favourites which I hope to post about later on this week as there is quite a bit of catching up to do.