A sleepover at Nannies

After a weekend of adventure I am exhausted!

We managed to fit in so much stuff in two days I think I need another weekend to recover.

We had a lovely meal out, saw relatives and done a little shopping. Oh and met up with friends.

Here is my haul from the shopping

A few supplies
A few supplies

We did fit in a little crafting

My sons creation
My sons creation

My mum makes cards and has a living room full of supplies to which we took advantage, my son was very excited to find some digger stickers and made this beauty.

At the end of our busy weekend he didn’t want to go home

"But I don't want to go home"
“But I don’t want to go home”

Secretly I hope we have as much fun next weekend.


Baking treats

We are rocking the baking right now in our house.

We may also need to go on a diet at this rate 😉

This was soooo easy to make, another good food recipe.

chocolate Mmmmm
chocolate Mmmmm

There was a slight down side to this recipe (what on earth could be wrong when the main ingredient is chocolate?! I hear you say) My son loved it but even just a small square sent him hyper 😦

He loves fruit so next time I am thinking of going with the traditional cherries or maybe some toasted coconut or maybe some peanuts and reducing the chocolate content OR maybe just maybe I should go in search of a completely different recipe and maybe something that is slightly more healthy!

To applique or maybe not

I was having a rough go at appliqué yesterday as I want to include some on my sons quilt.

I do not have the right foot for my sewing machine so I soon realised smaller shapes may be harder if not impossible without the right sort of foot.

First attempt
First attempt
attempt number two
attempt number two

See the wing- I can not move the fabric quickly enough to make a smooth turn.

Oh well I guess I need to do a spot of shopping, a hardship I know 😉

I might attempt to complete the patch for Noah’s quilt as it is quite a large area and no sharp turns. Fingers crossed I will not have to do any unpicking.


Baking with my little boy

Well on Tuesday I asked my little guy what he would like to do today and his reply was: BAKING (it is in capitals because it was stated quite emphatically)

So being an avid reader of the good food magazine, I dug through some issues and found a recipe for white chocolate and peanut butter cookies. My toddler eats everything, I know lucky right! He does not have an allergy to nuts either, double bonus because I love peanut butter.

Thankfully the cookies turned out much better then my last attempt at sewing 🙂

At 2 years and 9 months the little one is really into baking now and can listen to instructions, unfortunately I took no photos until they were all baked and ready to eat, I did however get a picture before they were all eaten.


photo copy


I don’t know if you noticed but I tried to improve on my photo. I really wanted to use a white plate but it turns out I do not own any type of white plate so maybe I need to go shopping for some props! My husband will be glad that it is not more fabric shopping for once! I think…

A finished article!

I know you are in shock right! haha I have finished my first ever top!

I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself and as well as learning how to make a top I have also learnt some lessons:

1. I can not follow a pattern to save my life, I may have mentioned this before so maybe this is more of a confirmation….

2. I do not like the restriction of following a pattern BUT then again being my first top I had no idea how to make the changes I visualised in my head, so this is probably what is known as a catch 22.

3. I do not like making clothes, if I was to make clothes again it would have to be with some form of support SO watch out Mother-in-law I am heading your way! I am much more of a visual person when it comes to learning (another thing that I did not know about myself!)

Anyway here it is:


Soooo many things wrong with this top! haha

I completely did the shoulder joints wrong (ok there may be a more technical term for it…)

It puckered in a few places.

I sewed all the way down the side when I was meant to stop about three quarters down, I didn’t want to start unpicking as it may all come apart as I had not realised my mistake until right near the end so decided to leave it as it is, with no hem (again is that the right word? haha I really am so clueless, I had to ask my husband what the word was)

As soon as I tried it on my first thought was “oh dear, what was I thinking?!” I look like a person with a rectangle attached to my body, to be fair I wanted to make a deeper neckline but had no idea how to do it.

Even with all its faults I LOVE it, my first ever top and it is completed! I will never wear it (I am not completely crazy) However I am proud of it.

I can only improve right?

A little sewing and a Birthday celebration

I turned a year older last week, sigh. I try and make the most of my Birthday week though 🙂

I was totally spoilt, at work one of my tenants support workers threw me a surprise party! I was slightly speechless and for anyone that knows me they will know not a lot stops me from talking!

I then went out for a meal with a few work colleagues and they bought me some beautiful flowers and an iPod shuffle! another wow and slightly teary eyes, it is lovely to know you are appreciated.

So pretty
So pretty

I then had a home made card from my little boy who had to show me everything he had stuck in the card at 7 am….

I also got to go out for dinner with my husband to le mercury in Islington which is just so romantic all candle lit and delicious food.

Then to top it off we went to the cinema on Sunday for the childrens showing at 10am to watch ice age 4 and then have a spot of lunch and do a bit of clothes shopping, where my child and husband got more then me, why is it when you have the money you never find anything you want?

Anyway between all the celebrations I did carry on with a little of my top and completed my first darts, still not sure if they are right but hey they look ok (at the minute)


photo copy 3

I hope to finish the top sometime next week but when I set myself goals I never stick to it, I think it is pre set in my DNA I always go off on a tanget and end up doing something completely different.

All I can say is watch this space.

Not much crafting but plenty of other stuff

I have not managed to fit in any sewing at all in the past week 😦

BUT I have been doing a lot of other stuff, like completing a 3 mile walk for Macmillan cancer support on Saturday! It was a beautiful day and the walk “miles for macmillan” was held at Regents park. To make it even more special and also very amazing I completed the walk with a work colleague, some of our tenants and my son who is going to be 3 soon.

Let me tell you the tenants were amazing, these ladies range in age from 70-89! I am gutted that I can not put pictures up of them (I am sure it would break some work rule of some kind) but how can you not feel inspired by them and boy I hope I have that much get up and go when I reach their age!

I can however share a picture of my son who thought he was superman as he got a t-shirt and cape to wear

My little superman
My little superman

It really was a great day and I would recommend it for families my son felt so special when he got his medal at the end.

Then on Sunday we took the little superman to the cinema for his first time ever, he munched his way through all the popcorn and when he had finished he said “film finished?” haha typical man, it is all about the food! 😉 We had the cinema almost completely to ourselves bar one other family!

Settling down for the film
Settling down for the film

(Have to say my photography skills have hit a new low with this photo)

So maybe, just maybe I will fit some sewing in this week.