A little sewing and a Birthday celebration

I turned a year older last week, sigh. I try and make the most of my Birthday week though 🙂

I was totally spoilt, at work one of my tenants support workers threw me a surprise party! I was slightly speechless and for anyone that knows me they will know not a lot stops me from talking!

I then went out for a meal with a few work colleagues and they bought me some beautiful flowers and an iPod shuffle! another wow and slightly teary eyes, it is lovely to know you are appreciated.

So pretty
So pretty

I then had a home made card from my little boy who had to show me everything he had stuck in the card at 7 am….

I also got to go out for dinner with my husband to le mercury in Islington which is just so romantic all candle lit and delicious food.

Then to top it off we went to the cinema on Sunday for the childrens showing at 10am to watch ice age 4 and then have a spot of lunch and do a bit of clothes shopping, where my child and husband got more then me, why is it when you have the money you never find anything you want?

Anyway between all the celebrations I did carry on with a little of my top and completed my first darts, still not sure if they are right but hey they look ok (at the minute)


photo copy 3

I hope to finish the top sometime next week but when I set myself goals I never stick to it, I think it is pre set in my DNA I always go off on a tanget and end up doing something completely different.

All I can say is watch this space.

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