My year in review

I am going for the alternative review today so here goes:

Most special moment:- ย Well this one is easy my son was born in August and my oldest son is over the moon with his new little brother, what more cold I ask for.

In the hospital
In the hospital

Projects still in progress:- Well I couldn’t really do a list of my work completed as because quite frankly it would be very small.

  • THAT Scarf, that is what I call it now seriously will ย it ever be finished?a little longer
  • A christmas cushion
  • a tote bag
  • my son’s patchwork quilt

Disclaimer: this is probably not a complete list, there may be more hidden round the house that I may have stored for a later date.

Did I blog at least twice a week? (as per last years resolutions) Hahaha That is all I have to say on that one!

Seriously though this has been my year of learning…

What did I learn from this year:

  • How to cut straight with a rotary cutter, seriously this was not easy for me! (p.s I could not remember the name of that knife thingy, I had to look it up on the net until I came across what I was looking for: rotary cutter. Oh 8 hour sleeps how I miss you)
  • Not to be so critical of myself when it comes to sewing, my sons quilt rarely matches up but you know what he will love it so why was I worrying? (well he will love it once it is finished that is!)

What did I achieve?

  • I guess giving the tote bags away to family was a big thing. Hardly anyone in my family (or friends) knew that I was blogging or sewing!

I hope to have an actual finished project list for 2015. Fingers crossed….

Summer scarf

My mother-in-law has come and gone, one week flew by filled with shopping trips, my 20 week scan, work and an over excited 3 year old.

One of our shopping trips was of course to a fabric shop, have I mentioned that my mother in law likes sewing? bonus! anyway we bought plenty of fabric, some from the “bargain bin” I am not really sure what to call it as it is not really a bin but there is definitely bargain fabric… just look at this beauty…

bargain fabric
bargain fabric

Yes you read the ticket right 90p, not even one pound and there was enough to make a summer scarf

summer scarf
summer scarf
Pretty pattern
Pretty pattern

Another finished project!

Although I did pick up material for a small bag for my son and another lot of material for some cushions that my husband said he liked, so I actually added to my project list.

Did I mention the biggest news of the week? My 20 week scan showed I was having a little boy ๐Ÿ™‚

Progress no matter how slow

Well just to prove I have not been completely idle here is the picture proof

securedownload securedownload-5

A little longer since I last posted a picture. Still quite a way to go though!

securedownload-4Our muggy trying to get in on the action, she is such a poser let me tell you! in most picture she has this look as if to say “another picture of me? oh alright then if you must”

My other thing I have done a little on is my fist ever item of clothing



I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. Who makes these patterns anyway?!





Have I mentioned I love this fabric? I had to force myself to cut the fabric up (it is just too pretty)
securedownload-2I have already made a mistake, yes it is possible (ha ha) if it turns out really bad I will give it to my mum to wear, mothers love and all that ๐Ÿ˜‰


Knitted scarf attempt number 3

I was taught to knit by a friend a few years ago, as I said on my last post the scarf I knitted for my mum (my first ever knitted item I might add) took years for me to complete.

I like knitting but when I am sat down doing nothing I like to do just that, nothing. Plus because I am still relatively new to it, it takes all my concentration not to go wrong, if I do something wrong I still can’t fix it! I have to wait until I see someone who can sort it out for me.

I am not saying knitting is overly complicated but I just don’t think my brain is wired to figure out how to go backwards to find the stitch I have dropped, I blame it on being left-handed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anyway, here is my son’s scarf so far…

Noah's scarf 1

Noah's scarf 2

Any bets it will be finished by easter?

Today I was home with my son and we made gingerbread biscuits. We all HAD to watch TV too

Everyone must watch TV

I have no idea where he gets being bossy from…