Felt heart

I had lost my groove a bit with having a baby but decided to get back into the swing of things with a mini project, something I could start and finish in one day even if there was a few stops and starts in between so I grabbed some bits and bobs

and ended up with this

felt heart

I just can’t seem to do hearts for some reason, they always turn out a funny shape!

felt heart

But it did help me get some mojo back so I have a little to do list for this week, when I say little I mean it has two things on it:

  1. Finish my sons quilt
  2. Make some more home made soup

Wish me luck and hold me accountable if I am not back next week showing off a completed quilt.

It is snow joke

I have been trying to make a felt christmas tree ornament, I know Christmas talk already but I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

However I can not make a snowflake to save my life, I thought it would be like the paper ones I made when I was a child where you fold the paper up and cut bits out and voila it would magically turn into a snowflake when unfolded.

But this is not the case

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

There was no way this one would make it onto the christmas tree unless I say my son cut it out! But no it went in the bin.

Then I tried to cut out the shape of what I thought a snowflake should look like

Exhibit B
Exhibit B

This is definitely a post about what NOT to do!

So then I drew the snowflake out before getting snip happy

Third time lucky?
Third time lucky?

What an improvement right?! just goes to show in crafting a little more effort does pay off, I guess that is the same for ironing fabric at every step when quilting or making something like a bag.

However I am still hoping to improve on the snowflake a bit more, any tips are more then welcome!


Another mid progress Monday (Hanging Bird)

Just a short post today I am completely on a roll with the mid progress thingy.

I decided to makes some little birds to hang in my sons room and this is how the first one was starting to shape up

Hanging Bird
Hanging Bird

The bird does not look too bad in this picture but once I had sewn it all up I have to say he looks quite scary, it is all to do with that orange eye and the blue thread I used in the middle of the eye (sorry no picture of the beady eye)

Needless to say my little boy loves the bird and I guess that is all that matters, I am just hoping he does not need me to go in his room at night anymore because I am sure that bird is watching me…

On a lighter note my husband has started a photography course so you may just see some better pictures on my next blog post, no more mobile phone pictures for this little blog 🙂 

Valentine’s gifts

Some girls get chocolate, some get wine and I got…


I didn’t even ask for these items!!!


He picked the gifts all out by himself!

securedownloadDidn’t he do well!

I am still in shock, this is the man after all that can never seem to get my Birthday present on time.

I have already started to use the new rotary cutter. I was ready to give up on ever cutting a straight line and I have to admit if my son had not been in the room the air might have been slightly blue with cursing, until I realised…. I could change the blade to the other side making it left handed (which I am) oh boy! so much better although I still have at least 100 more squares to go.

Beaten by the heart so a phone case instead

I attempted 3 times to finish the heart off (from the last post) but it would just not go right. It is one of those things, I will go back to it at some point but I had to put it down before I tried to throw it out the window or bury it in the snow that fell for most of the day today.

So this evening I sat down and made this



It is felt and hand stitched which you can probably tell from these close ups



securedownload-5The last picture is quite blurry but I couldn’t get a clear shot with my non existent camera skills.


Heart in progress and a very sore nose…

I had hoped to finish the heart today but I have been quite busy, apart from the hour where I sat on the sofa with a bag of ice on my nose! I was playing monsters with my son (making scary noises and clawing the air with my hands) as you do, when I sort of moved forward and he lunged forward at the same time head butting my nose at a funny angle.

I tried not to make a big fuss as I didn’t want to scare him, I can be quite dramatic sometimes but I honestly thought I had broken my nose my whole face was tingling, no blood thankfully and the poor wee guy kept rubbing my arm saying “sorry mummy” and I was trying to say it was an accident through the shaking and eyes watering (I did say I can be dramatic!) The result is I have a bruise right on the end of my nose.

When I rung my husband to tell him what had happened he said “I hope you dont get black eye’s otherwise people might think I hit you” the concern didn’t end there “if you do you will have to wear sunglasses tomorrow when we go out” caring huh?!

Anyway I had some nice red fabric I wanted to make some hanging hearts with, I cut out three but have only started on one so far


I have used some felt and Harris tweed with a grey button.


I just need to sew it up and stuff it. With the next heart I might cut out some of the red and put a fabric underneath it, we will see.

Felt christmas ornament

I tried my hand at some more christmas decorations today. I have some felt I bought months ago with the idea of making christmas tree ornaments and tonight was the night I finally cracked on with them, well when I say them I mean one.





I do like the end result but knew I should have trusted my gut and gone with bolder colours like red felt with white stitching, I sort of feel the colours on the star are more for easter, that said I still like it.

I never thought I would ever say it but I feel all christmassed (?) out. Well what I mean is I can not even think, let alone do any more christmas crafting for this year.

So now the big question is what should I have a go at next? hanging hearts? coin purse? patchworking? cushion covers? more curtains? Oh which reminds me I will have to show you my sons curtains that I made myself, well with the help of my mother in law. I will save the curtains for their very own post though.

Felt phone case

I have finally started and finished a project in one night, anyone that knows me will know this is a miracle.

I got the felt free with a magazine and I loosely based the phone case on a project in that magazine. I am not very good at handstitching and I am a bit of a perfectionist so if it does not look all neat and uniform it can bother me. But this case is all handstitched and definitely not perfect and uniform, in some places it is down right wonky but I still quite like the end result.

I am quite new to crafting in general and this is my first time working with felt, if I knew felt was so easy to work with I would have used it much sooner.