New year new me?

Well we had a wonderful Christmas and new year, I hope you did too, but one of my most favourite things is the start of a new year, the blank page, the pristine sheet of fallen snow before anyone walks across it.

With a new year comes new years resolutions, please do not groan because I understand you either dislike new years resolutions with a passion or you are just sick and tired of hearing about them by now am I right?

If you are like me and love goals or maybe need goals for motivation then read on….

goals book by: Migoals
goals book by: Migoals

I have a little secret to confess… I did not meet any of my goals from last year! not a single one and in some cases (like blogging regularly) I was way off.

So this year I thought lets make it a little different, not so strict so I came up with:

1. Cook through my cookbooks, I don’t have a huge amount of cookbooks but I do have a few and I never really use them so this year my goal is to work through them one recipe at a time. This means we will branch out from our comfort zone and try new things and may find we like some things that just don’t sound that appealing, I mean who likes the thought of cream of artichoke soup? but hey it may be amazing I just don’t know yet. There will be no set date to finish a book, I may not even finish one book but hopefully we will find new dishes we love so there will be an achievement.

2. Be more organised, this is on my list near enough every year in one form or another, for the last few years it has been to remember peoples birthdays well this has never happened! I have trouble even remembering which date my husbands birthday is on- is it the 23rd or 24th? It is in January by the way so I am about to find out.

SO how could I make this goal of being more organised more achievable? well I am ditching trying to remember birthdays and have bought myself a diary and I can be quite organised I have a weekly meal plan and before baby number two it used to be a monthly meal plan! If I can do that I can surely shape up in other areas too so this year my goal is a cleaning rota, I am going to try and stick to it but have a 5 day rota so anything that gets missed I will do at the weekend. I have also popped it up on the fridge so I am reminded of what I need to do at least 4 times a day, no excuses right?

3. Last but not least to be more conscious  of my sugar intake. I am addicted to chocolate and can’t seem to give it up entirely but last year I cut out sugar in tea and then cut out sugar in coffee. So this year I want to do better with breakfast… See I am a snacker so I figure a more filling breakfast will help keep me full until lunch time. I have started with porridge sometimes I have a little fruit and sometimes not. we will see how I go.

I have other goals, many little goals because that is how I work best, todays goals was one load of washing, helping my son write his thank you cards and modernising my blog a little, all of which I have achieved, I know some people may call it a to do list but where is the achievement when the list is complete? completing a goal is much more of an accomplishment right? plus does a to do list ever end?