more bags all sewn up

I have finally finished work, well my last day was Friday and I feel like I have not stopped so lets get on with the catch up…

I made these bags about two weeks….

tote bag photo 8 photo 9



flower lining
flower lining

I also made a cosmetic bag but the zip keeps getting stuck where I got a bit too close to the zip when sewing but I still like it quirks and all

pretty fabric
pretty fabric

make up bag lining

I really do need to say sorry again regarding the lighting in these photo’s but hey I now have another 5 weeks to brush up on my skills if the baby does not arrive before his due date that is.

Here is a sneak peek at what else I have been working on

sneak peek my oh so cute moment of the week was when my son declared he is going to marry me! I asked where he had heard the word “marry” and he said from a girl at nursery so I asked who she wanted to marry and he said “not me because I am marrying you” doesn’t your heart just melt or maybe that is my hormones on overdrive did I mention I cried at a disney film last week?!




Tote bag making

I have been honing my sewing skills with tote bag making and have really enjoyed it so much so that I am planning to make more… Here are two of them I made at the start of last week

Tote bags

simple you may think but can I get my boxed corners to line up? NO arghh I have finished my 4th bag and they are still slightly out! I will try and try again until I get those corners perfect.

tote bag

Oh and the other thing that is quite obvious is I did not swap the bottom thread to match the lining (D’oh)

tote bag with lining


tote bag with liningOn another note I have one week left at work before I go on maternity leave, I still don’t think it has hit me yet that in just 8 weeks (if I do not go over that is) we will have a new member of the family eek mind you the back ache and waddle should be a constant reminder!

Lined Tote bag

Hi Everyone

Where has this week gone?! I have been super busy but a good sort of busy, another first (I know there are loads on this blog of mine!) was the lined tote bag I completed last week

Summer is here
Summer is here
a corner
a corner

summer tote

I was so chuffed with the results I have given it away, this may not seem like much but normally when I make something I always feel like it is not good enough but not this time 🙂

Hope you enjoy it mum.

Talking of my mum it is her Birthday tomorrow so watch out for some baking pictures in the next post.

Mid Progress Mondays (Make-up bag)

Seeing as I have so many projects that are semi complete I though Mondays would be a good day to capture what I have (or have not) done.

The past week was running smoothly until I caught laryngitis, for the 5th time in the last seven months i might add! When I went to the GP her great advice was for me not to talk to my son all day on saturday (haha) what makes you think she has a private nanny for her kids or maybe she has no children yet. Needless to say I had to talk to my two and a half year old so still sound very high pitched.

Well I have finally taken the plunge and started to attempt my first ever make-up bag

I want to use this fabric

Summer time fabric
Summer time fabric

But because I do not want to waste it’s beauty on my first attempt which is bound to have a few mistakes I decided to trial the bag out on some cheaper fabric that I found in the fabric shop as a cut off.

Fabric to be used
Fabric to be used

The blue material is thinner so will be the lining and the purple one is for the outside.

Everything is all cut out and ready for sewing.

Summer tote bag

Well I have been bitten with the Tote making bug.

I was sorting through my mounds of fabric and found some striped fabric, I may have forgotten I had it but will not admit that to my husband. As soon as I saw it I knew it would make the perfect tote bag

securedownload-5Please excuse the creases, I did get round to ironing it. I also dug through my button box and found some to add a bit of interest to the bag.

securedownload-6I LOVE BUTTONS

securedownload-7I think I have settled on these buttons

When I finished admiring the beautiful fabric and OH SOOO pretty buttons I finally got round to some sewing and here is the semi-finished product



I still have to sew the buttons on but I figure that is a job for tomorrow





First tote bag and the knit and stitch show

Well I finally got around to some crafting this week, it is amazing how life takes over and weeks pass in a blink of an eye.

What really triggered the crafting off again was the knit and stitch show at the Olympia last weekend, it was just what I needed. I am pretty sure my husband and bank account are glad it is not on every weekend!

Oh there was so much I wanted to buy!

However I did not buy everything in sight, no matter how much I wanted to. I did pick up a few bits though…

  • Two fat quarters of Fabric (yes, of course I needed more 😉 )
  • A felt DIY notebook cover
  • A pattern for a cosmetic case (because I would love to make one but I need some form of guidance)
  • A lampshade making kit (I have been thinking about making my own for ages so when I saw it I knew I had to have it)
  • last but not least a tote making kit (another thing i wanted to make but never had the confidence)

Well I had a go at the tote bag, it looked simple enough.

Oh boy did I underestimate my inability to read any sort of pattern/Instructions! I could have kicked myself a few times and found myself unpicking more then I was sewing, if that is at all possible?

But I like the end product:





I am not doing any close up pictures as my mistakes will be obvious but I do like the finished product and can’t wait to have another go at a tote, all I can say is I hope I learn from my mistakes.

Extreme Knitting

What can I say I am weak!

I saw this at a craft fair last year and could not resist it


It is a bag! oh I can not wait to try and knit it.


This Lady is amazing, I also loved the rugs and other bags that were on her stall. Just look at the size of the needles

downloadand they are the small ones!

Oh and the yarns, I was there for quite some time.


Ingrid Wagner has a website at

If I could figure out how to do a link to the site I would, if you have figured it out please let me know.