Christmas wrapping

I absolutely L O V E Christmas but I absolutely hate wrapping presents. If i could get out of it I would but with a 4 year old and a 4 month old it doesn’t look like this chore will be reducing, lets be honest in the next couple of years it is likely to be increasing, humph.

However I love anything crafty and I started to stamp my own wrapping paper last year and when I saw some delightful little stamps I decided to do it again this year and here is my first parcel

stamped wrapping paper

Christmas wrapping paper

I really like the new stamps I have bought from the English stamp company, the detail is amazing and the lines are so sharp now I can compare the stamps from last year and there really is no comparison. Would I buy from them again? the answer is a big fat YES.

The ink was new as well and they are Versacolor mini cubes, the gold I used with this parcel is very rich and sharp, well you can see for yourself of course!

I have completed some more wrapping I just need to take a few minutes during day light to take some more pictures.

What do you think? have you used the English stamp company before?

I also have lots to tell you about a little someones 4th (Yes 4- time is passing so quickly!) Birthday and our trip to Scotland but that will just have to wait for another post there is not enough hours in the day anymore!

Fabric I may have bought recently…

If my husband is reading this I bought all of this fabric a VERY long time ago, for everyone else I bought this at a combination of the knit and stitch show and a local shop








Notice a Theme?

I have started to use some of it already and even have plans for the rest.

What have you bought recently?




Christmas cards

Anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely love Christmas and what better way to kick off the season then making Christmas cards?

I am lucky enough to have a mum who has a house full of card makig supplies and gadgets, let me tell you now card making is not cheap.

After a good few hours over a couple of days what do I have to show for my efforts?

Christmas  cards



Christmas  cards


Christmas  cards

Two cards. Just two cards. I may be pleased with them but at this rate it will take me about 7 years to make enough to send out for Christmas… So I ended up buying the rest of the cards haha.

have you tried something new recently? How did it turn out?


Attempt at free motion embroidery

I bought a free motion foot recently and had a go at writing using my sewing machine

attempt no: 1
attempt no: 1
attempt no: 2
attempt no: 2

I was pretty chuffed with my little trial run however tonight when I put the foot on again I wanted to neaten it up and use thinner material but I was having loads of trouble, thread coming up through the material lots of missed stitches etc.

I have given up for this evening because if I had continued I may just have tried to throw the machine out the window! ever have sewing sessions like that?

Decopatch letters

You may have seen a previous post about decopatch:

Well seeing as we had a new addition to the family I thought I had better add to the wall art, what do you think?

decopatch letters


All you need is wooden or papier mache letters

glue with a varnish added in, you can buy this already mixed.

a brush

some thin paper.

Apparently some people rip the paper and others cut it up. I never knew there was different ways of doing it so I have always just ripped the paper up and I quite like the result

decopatch letter

If you decopatch as well do you cut or tear? which end result do you prefer?

In other news I am still knee deep in sewing up my sons quilt, I had started but I am now having to unpick quite a few stitches. I am now taking bets to whether the quilt will be completed by christmas 😉

A little bit of baking

Well I may not have been up to much crafting recently but I have been cooking and I was very chuffed with my most recent effort at baking, not only did it taste good it also looked good AND I was able to do quite a bit with my three year old son

He could mix (we did get sugar everywhere mind) and he could also scatter the sugar mixture and the blueberries and there is nothing like licking the spoon, unfortunatley you have to give the spoon up when you have children otherwise they wrestle you for it and they always win 😉

blueberry cake photo 12

Again from the Goodfood magazine, I think I should get commission from them right?!

I am going to try it with peaches next time as I think they would make it that bit sweeter.

I did also try to make a pea and potato curry (again from the goodfood magazine, don’t all groan at once) but I have to say this was the first recipe that turned out just awful – sorry goodfood if you are reading this which I am pretty sure you are not but this recipe was all wrong, too many potatoes, cooking time was way off and my sauce curdled. I did learn a lesson though:

If you are not sure on something go on line find the recipe and read the comments

I unfortunately did this too late, hey we did eat it but this is one I would not attempt again but you can not win them all can you.

I had also cooked this



But for the life of me I can not remember what it was! Babybrain maybe.

Felt heart

I had lost my groove a bit with having a baby but decided to get back into the swing of things with a mini project, something I could start and finish in one day even if there was a few stops and starts in between so I grabbed some bits and bobs

and ended up with this

felt heart

I just can’t seem to do hearts for some reason, they always turn out a funny shape!

felt heart

But it did help me get some mojo back so I have a little to do list for this week, when I say little I mean it has two things on it:

  1. Finish my sons quilt
  2. Make some more home made soup

Wish me luck and hold me accountable if I am not back next week showing off a completed quilt.

An almost finished quilt

mid progress 3

This quilt has been a long time coming and it is nearly finished!

photo 5

I have found this quilt very hard to sew, when I started I had many clothes from my son to pick from but I didn’t consider the stretch being so different. Some squares ended up being much bigger then others……


I would normally be frustrated with imperfections but I had to let this go a bit while sewing it up. Now the top is completed I just need to add a backing.

So watch this space I may just have completed quilt some day soon.


I have wanted to try my hand at jam making for quite some time but have never seemed to get round to it so what better time to start then when you have a brand new bouncing boy at the ripe old age of two weeks old? all I can say is a lack of sleep seems to suit me….

As my first attempt at Jam was a success I am so chuffed I am thinking of making more once I have run out of the current batch. I again went to my trusty magazine stash of the good food magazine and found this recipe

peach melba jam


The reviews on the website said the jam was runny but I found that whilst it was not firm it was just a little soft set and once I had opened a jar and put it in the fridge it was firm. I do however agree that I had to simmer it for much more then the five minutes (for me it was around the 15 minute mark)

jam on toast

 Is it wrong to want breakfast for dinner?

Gingerbread Boys

psst I will let you in on my little secret…

the day I went into labour with my first son I baked some gingerbread men, I swore at the time that the gingerbread men had brought on my labour. Fast forward 3 years and 8 months and I decided I would bake gingerbread men again the timing was perfect as my mother in law was down so could look after my first son so my husband could be there for the birth. 

The plan had been to bake the gingerbread men at 39 weeks again but like all good plans we was so busy I did not get round to baking the biscuits until I was 39 weeks and 2 days and as if by magic that evening as I got into bed I had my first contraction. I think gingerbread men are now my most favourite bake 😉

This time round of course I had a helper in the shape of a 3 year old who could not wait to decorate them which didn’t happen for a few days but we did finally make time to decorate our own gingerbread family


Mummy, Daddy, big brother and little brother
Mummy, Daddy, big brother and little brother


gingerbread boys
gingerbread boys

I would like to point out that I do not think the biscuits themselves brought on the labour but I think maybe the exercise helped the labour to come on all that mixing, bending to put things in and take things out of the oven ( haha bun in the oven comes to mind 🙂 )