Christmas cards

Anyone that knows me will know that I absolutely love Christmas and what better way to kick off the season then making Christmas cards?

I am lucky enough to have a mum who has a house full of card makig supplies and gadgets, let me tell you now card making is not cheap.

After a good few hours over a couple of days what do I have to show for my efforts?

Christmas  cards



Christmas  cards


Christmas  cards

Two cards. Just two cards. I may be pleased with them but at this rate it will take me about 7 years to make enough to send out for Christmas… So I ended up buying the rest of the cards haha.

have you tried something new recently? How did it turn out?


3 thoughts on “Christmas cards

  1. These are lovely cards! I’ve just set up a new blog, the first post being about my card making attempt. It’s so expensive, especially when you want to give everything a go!

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