Decopatch letters

You may have seen a previous post about decopatch:

Well seeing as we had a new addition to the family I thought I had better add to the wall art, what do you think?

decopatch letters


All you need is wooden or papier mache letters

glue with a varnish added in, you can buy this already mixed.

a brush

some thin paper.

Apparently some people rip the paper and others cut it up. I never knew there was different ways of doing it so I have always just ripped the paper up and I quite like the result

decopatch letter

If you decopatch as well do you cut or tear? which end result do you prefer?

In other news I am still knee deep in sewing up my sons quilt, I had started but I am now having to unpick quite a few stitches. I am now taking bets to whether the quilt will be completed by christmas 😉

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