Birthday Cupcakes

So as I mentioned in my last post it was my mothers birthday on Monday and I let my son pick what cake we would bake her

I tried to persuade him to pick a white chocolate gateau but we ended up with a recipe for cupcakes. Not only does he share my sweet tooth but he also knows his own mind as well and there was no budging it, I can not for the life of me think where he gets that from…..

Anyway here are the pictures as promised


photo 2-1

Needless to say Nanny loved her Birthday treat and so did we!

Just to get a little bit more mushy on you my son said something very sweet the other day I was struggling to put my trainers on and he said to me “don’t worry mummy I will help you now you are big” and he did how cute is he?! he also offers his hand to help me up off the sofa if he thinks I am struggling to get up. I wouldn’t mind but I am only 6 months pregnant! (although i will admit to struggling to put my trainers on just a little 🙂 )


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