Is there such a thing as a healthy cookie?

I have a sweet tooth I do try to be good but who can resist the call of chocolate?

Add to the sweet tooth the fact that I enjoy baking and it all equates to very little willpower

So last week when the baking bug bit me I tried to look for a healthier option. I found an oat and raisin cookie recipe…. ok I may be fooling myself but surely a cookie with fruit in it is classed as healthy right???

My little helper was there to… well help! considering he is 3 I was impressed with his concentration skills he was in charge of the bowl and spoon and did a superb job his new favourite sentence is “I am the helper, I am good at helping” lets hope he is still saying that in ten years time.


photo 1

I have been doing a little sewing I promise it is not all about my stomach! although my family would be forgiven for thinking it is.

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