A little bit shady- last completed project for 2013!

I made a lampshade with help from my husband, he knew I had bought a kit at a craft fair in (cough) 2012 (cough) and I had been looking at fabric for it for some time when one night last week he said completely out of the blue “why don’t you do that lampshade, I will help” My response was what I assume any wife that gets offered help out of the blue with no prompting would say “what is the catch?” As it turns out there was not one, best husband in the world right!

Anyway I really enjoyed this joint project and it turned out pretty well for a first attempt

lamp in progress
lamp in progress

As it turns out making a lampshade is not as complicated as I thought it would be.

lit up at night
lit up at night

We used Harris tweed, I was a little concerned that the fabric (or should I say weave) would not let enough light through but as it turns out it is just enough light to make the living room feel cozy.

daylight shot
daylight shot

Trouble is I now need a new lamp base as it has never really gone with the room and the lampshade now highlights this- maybe I could spray paint it silver? a new project for 2014? or more realistically 2015 ha ha.

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