Knitting and reorganisation

Something of a miracle has happened, I am actually enjoying knitting. This is not to say I hated it before but I didn’t always understand it, it was something I struggled to get my head around and found quite complicated but with knitting the little hats (from my last post) something seemed to click and it makes more sense. I am obviously a slow learner!

So how far have I got with the scarf I hear you ask…

well the last time you saw it, it was something of a shorty

scarf in progress
scarf in progress

While it is still quite a shorty I have managed to get a bit further along in the last two nights

a little longer
a little longer

I have also been busy in the home my little boy got a BIG bed he was so excited and I felt very emotional realising he is not so little any more.

one huge bed
one huge bed

He was so chuffed he even let me take pictures as he pretended to sleep

A big boy in his big bed
A big boy in his big bed

So when I made the bed up I decided to have a clear out in his room and rearrange the storage in our room I pulled everything out and looked at the complete chaos and went for a cup of tea. Do you ever start something and then wish half way through that you had not had that so called bright idea in the first place?!

But it was ok I carried on and worked through “the wall”

I am now off to do a bit more knitting… I will complete this scarf I will complete this scarf I will complete this scarf.

One thought on “Knitting and reorganisation

  1. Good for you with the knitting! I personally can’t stand counting as I go so knitting doesn’t work for me, but my sister is amazing and I always admire everything she does, it can be so beautiful! And I totally feel you on the wanting to give up mid project, especially if that project involves heavy cleaning- not my forte!

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