It is snow joke

I have been trying to make a felt christmas tree ornament, I know Christmas talk already but I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

However I can not make a snowflake to save my life, I thought it would be like the paper ones I made when I was a child where you fold the paper up and cut bits out and voila it would magically turn into a snowflake when unfolded.

But this is not the case

Exhibit A
Exhibit A

There was no way this one would make it onto the christmas tree unless I say my son cut it out! But no it went in the bin.

Then I tried to cut out the shape of what I thought a snowflake should look like

Exhibit B
Exhibit B

This is definitely a post about what NOT to do!

So then I drew the snowflake out before getting snip happy

Third time lucky?
Third time lucky?

What an improvement right?! just goes to show in crafting a little more effort does pay off, I guess that is the same for ironing fabric at every step when quilting or making something like a bag.

However I am still hoping to improve on the snowflake a bit more, any tips are more then welcome!


5 thoughts on “It is snow joke

  1. I read this late last night and it made me laugh. Then I thought about it today and it made me laugh again, haha I love how sometimes you have the best vision in mind and then your hands just DON’T want to cooperate with your mind! I have this problem often, which is why I’m not an artist (or professional cake maker)

  2. This is brilliant! haha, I found your blog after you liked one of my posts about christmas felt decorations… after seeing this I am relieved it’s not just me that made this mistake… mine was with the holly leaves for a christmas pudding… which I can’t draw either it turns out!! x

  3. I love the idea that a little more actually pays off when it comes to crafting! I admire that you went for the third snowflake design and didn’t just “blame” the first one on you son. Really made me happy to read it!

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