To applique or maybe not

I was having a rough go at appliqué yesterday as I want to include some on my sons quilt.

I do not have the right foot for my sewing machine so I soon realised smaller shapes may be harder if not impossible without the right sort of foot.

First attempt
First attempt
attempt number two
attempt number two

See the wing- I can not move the fabric quickly enough to make a smooth turn.

Oh well I guess I need to do a spot of shopping, a hardship I know 😉

I might attempt to complete the patch for Noah’s quilt as it is quite a large area and no sharp turns. Fingers crossed I will not have to do any unpicking.


10 thoughts on “To applique or maybe not

  1. I like the overlap on the tail, maybe you could make a feature of this? I use a more open zig- zag instead of satin stitch (you may find this more forgiving) -your son will love whatever you do 🙂

    1. Ah- I will try a different stitch! My son is fast becoming my mini me and loves nothing more then having a blanket over him when watching tv at night 🙂 so he probably will love whatever I make for him.

  2. I think it looks pretty good! I agree with the others to try a different stitch. I like the pattern on #2. Either way, it looks adorable! I have yet to try applique but now I want to! I’ll add that to my growing list of things I want to do, hah!

  3. Hi, I had exactly the same problem the other day – except yours has come out looking much prettier than mine. I am desperate to master to applique, can not decide whether better to go for hand finish or machine finish – just finding the time to have a play with both.

  4. A famous quilter (I can’t remember who) once said that her current quilt is just practice for the next one. This philosophy allows her, and now me, to aim for perfection in our stitching. Just enjoy the process of sewing, the recipient won’t care!

    I can really relate to the growing list of projects you want to do. I need a good saying to know how to manage all these ideas I have and projects I’ve started. Anyone have any advise about that?

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