Baking with my little boy

Well on Tuesday I asked my little guy what he would like to do today and his reply was: BAKING (it is in capitals because it was stated quite emphatically)

So being an avid reader of the good food magazine, I dug through some issues and found a recipe for white chocolate and peanut butter cookies. My toddler eats everything, I know lucky right! He does not have an allergy to nuts either, double bonus because I love peanut butter.

Thankfully the cookies turned out much better then my last attempt at sewing 🙂

At 2 years and 9 months the little one is really into baking now and can listen to instructions, unfortunately I took no photos until they were all baked and ready to eat, I did however get a picture before they were all eaten.


photo copy


I don’t know if you noticed but I tried to improve on my photo. I really wanted to use a white plate but it turns out I do not own any type of white plate so maybe I need to go shopping for some props! My husband will be glad that it is not more fabric shopping for once! I think…

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