A finished article!

I know you are in shock right! haha I have finished my first ever top!

I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself and as well as learning how to make a top I have also learnt some lessons:

1. I can not follow a pattern to save my life, I may have mentioned this before so maybe this is more of a confirmation….

2. I do not like the restriction of following a pattern BUT then again being my first top I had no idea how to make the changes I visualised in my head, so this is probably what is known as a catch 22.

3. I do not like making clothes, if I was to make clothes again it would have to be with some form of support SO watch out Mother-in-law I am heading your way! I am much more of a visual person when it comes to learning (another thing that I did not know about myself!)

Anyway here it is:


Soooo many things wrong with this top! haha

I completely did the shoulder joints wrong (ok there may be a more technical term for it…)

It puckered in a few places.

I sewed all the way down the side when I was meant to stop about three quarters down, I didn’t want to start unpicking as it may all come apart as I had not realised my mistake until right near the end so decided to leave it as it is, with no hem (again is that the right word? haha I really am so clueless, I had to ask my husband what the word was)

As soon as I tried it on my first thought was “oh dear, what was I thinking?!” I look like a person with a rectangle attached to my body, to be fair I wanted to make a deeper neckline but had no idea how to do it.

Even with all its faults I LOVE it, my first ever top and it is completed! I will never wear it (I am not completely crazy) However I am proud of it.

I can only improve right?

2 thoughts on “A finished article!

  1. Hey …. Please dont say you dont like making clothes! You made a top. WOWZA a big ask for a first item. They are pretty damn technical so I would say hats of to you clever lady! Go seek support on Mum in Law ….. Once you get the knack of pattern ‘speak’ and practice some of the trickier techniques the joy of saying “I made that”. Some projects even after all my years of experience go a bit south but I look at it another way of NOT doing it in the future which increases chances of success so its all good 🙂

    Go on …. Dare you ….. Make something else to wear. X

    1. Maybe I will try again then but with a different pattern and with my mother in law around for help, trouble is she lives in Scotland and we live in London so it will have to wait until we see her in November. Thank you for the encouragement

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