Still quilting

I have been working on the quilt for my son this last week but because I had no clear pattern it has changed almost daily. I think I have finally decided on the layout now.

I had decided to have every square like this

Dinosaur patch
Dinosaur patch

But I soon realised it would be too complicated and was in the realms of never being finished so I decided to simplify it and have every other patch as a plain coloured square until I found the bus

one large square
one large square

I just couldn’t cut it up, I had already cut up a cute red car and regretted it so I decided to leave it whole and try my hand at appliqué. I have attempted appliqué once before but it did not go very well, they say practice makes perfect right? I will need a great deal of practice.

So with this patch in mind I laid out some of the quilt out to see if I liked the look of it

a rough idea of the layout
a rough idea of the layout

It is not a quiet quilt, it has lots of character and is bright and cheerful just like my son.

I am hoping to finish it soon. However in the last week we have all had colds again in our house and now my little guy is on holiday from nursery for two weeks so we are all hands on deck.

On a very smiley note we had his end of year report from nursery and we were amazed to find he knows his primary colours, he has kept this well hidden from us as when we talk to him about colours everything is green! oh the cheeky little monkey 🙂

One thought on “Still quilting

  1. Vicky it’s lovely. If you are going to machine applique, try some “stitch and tear” behind it to stabilize it while you stitch, then tear it away afterwards 🙂

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