Fabric finds

You will be glad to know this post contains no make-up bags, mainly because I have run out of wadding!

So a couple of weeks ago I bought these two fabrics, thinking they would be good for lining something, like a make-up case maybe (well I only said the post contained no make-up bags not that I wouldn’t mention them at all)

Fabric buys
Fabric buys


I also found some nice fabric at the nearly new sale that was held at my work

little gems
little gems

I must be favouring polka dots.

But look at the silk thread

Vintage find?
Vintage find?

I am so pleased with my finds (if you hadn’t noticed)

Today we had a family jaunt out to Brick lane market, Spitalfields market and Spitalfields city farm. In all the traveling I didn’t find one fabric shop, sigh.

I have been crafting a little, I was knitting some more of the scarf (in the hope I might finish it this year) when I noticed a mistake about 15 lines down, I may have mentioned I can not fix mistakes and have to take it to work for someone else to fix, well I still can not fix mistakes! so it will be going in for some cosmetic surgery tomorrow. I tried to live with the mistake (whatever it is, I have no idea what I have done) but it just keeps catching my eye.


2 thoughts on “Fabric finds

  1. Know how you feel. I went out for some flea market finds this weekend and came back empty handed – so you did well. Also dropped a few stitches on a knitting project which I’ve sort of sorted but they look a bit strange. I’m hoping they will settle in and I wont see them when i don’t know where to look. Nice threads!

  2. Did you fix your mistake? I didn’t know how to do that until I heard of tinking (to tink is to ‘un-knit,’ it’s actually ‘knit’ spelled backwards). It’s super easy, albeit time-consuming, and keeps you in control of the whole process. I’d be in trouble for a lot of projects if I didn’t know this technique!

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