New sewing machine

After some consideration and a fair bit of internet surfing and reading up on reviews I decided on a Pfaff Passport

My new sewing machine
My new sewing machine

Just look how beautiful it is. My son came up to ask what was wrong when I had just taken it out of the box and I said nothing it is just soooo beautiful and his reply was “erm, yes it is beautiful mummy” then he walked off, he is such a mummy’s boy my husband just shook his head.

My Husband can’t help but feel bitter though after I declared he had been bumped down the list of things I love 😉

Oh and just look at the pretty stitches…



I had a little play around with it tonight but just tried out a few stitches and I really like it. If only it was Saturday tomorrow and my day off work, Sigh

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