Project no sew

My sewing machine is sat looking sorry for itself, well in my head it does. She is broken and I was sat here wondering what to do when I realised I have a few projects that do not require any form of sewing

So here is one I finished earlier (about 20 minutes ago to be precise)

first Christmas gift complete
first Christmas gift complete

I am going to say a big sorry for the quality of the photo, one day I will take a decent photo in the middle of the day.

I think I have decided to buy a new machine but it is such a big decision with so many choices I am slightly overwhelmed, I am quite happy for my 2 year old to be in charge 😉 he seems to be quite good at making decisions even if everything is a BIG resounding NO!

2 thoughts on “Project no sew

  1. So sorry to hear that your machine’s not doing well:( It is amazing all the things that you can still make without it. The K looks great. Did you glue or staple the fabric on?

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