My holiday and a sick sewing machine

Well it has been non stop for my little family lately. First we jetted off to Lanzarote, all inclusive for ten days (woo hoo) needless to say I have put on weight 😉 we took my mum for her 60th Birthday but to be honest the holiday was just what we needed too.

Enjoying the beach
Enjoying the beach

We got home on the Friday morning and my mother-in-law and nephew came down from Scotland on the Monday! Our nephew had never been to London so of course we had to show him all the sights, the London eye, London dungeons, London zoo and Chessington world of adventures

London in the evening
London in the evening

They went home on Wednesday and I am EXHAUSTED.

So I decided a nice bit of sewing on Thursday evening was just what I needed but either my machine is very upset with me for abandoning it for almost a month or it is unwell but either way it is just not playing ball 😦 so there has been no sewing this week HUMPH

I have decided I needed a new machine anyway but to be fair to my little brother (sewing machine) she has been a good little machine so I am really not sure what to do

2 thoughts on “My holiday and a sick sewing machine

    1. I will hang my head in shame as I admit I have never had her serviced. I did go into a shop to see how much it would cost to fix her, the bobbin winder has stopped working and it makes quite a noise, it will not cost too much but I had been thinking of buying a new machine for a while and this is probably the shove I need.
      I also tried using WD40 to see if that would get it moving, by the look my mother in law gave me and her subsequent laughter I realise now it may not have been a good idea!

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