Queen of the unfinished or captain of the new

I was sorting through my son’s clothing and found a few t-shirts that are too small for him and my instant thought was I should make a quilt with them, as you do!

Start ANOTHER quilt that is, surely you can never have too many things on the go.

I have saved tons of his clothes just in case… and well two t-shirts was not going to be enough so I had a dig through one of the containers that hold his smaller clothes and found a few I could just about bear to cut up.

The makings of a quilt
The makings of a quilt
A family :-)
A family 🙂

I do not remember him being so small, time sure does fly by.

I also managed to cut myself (again)

Cut myself again!
Cut myself again!

It was not a bad cut but it did need a plaster and the only one I could find was one with a moustache on it, who thought that product up?! Will i ever get used to my rotary cutter? so many questions so little time.

I am now off to catch some sleep before my mum’s big 6 0 tomorrow and her Birthday bash.

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