More fabric arrived today :-)

Well I recieved more fabric in the post today, I may have bought it for myself but hey ho, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO ME 🙂

downloadNow I was supposed to order fabric for my ongoing quilt project but I do not think these ones quite make the cut. It does not mean I do not love them because I do, I especially adore the floral one on the right which leaves me in a dilema should I order more? and ignore the raisd eyebrows of my husband?


These ones will be in the quilt I think. I am sooo sorry about the picture, I always post at night when the little guy is in bed so I do the photo’s in no natural light, the shadow in this one is me trying not to lean over the photo without success.


2 thoughts on “More fabric arrived today :-)

  1. I have the same issue with night time photos and dodgy lighting – but your fabrics look good! From the ones that you don’t think make the grade, have you thought about using them for sashing a border, or for binding – or for piecing into the backing? Then you are still using them and are perfectly justified in buying more for the main body as it all contributes to the end product!

    1. Oh I like your thinking. I have never made or even attempted binding so I think I am going to need a LOT of fabric just in case I make a mistake or something, I love thinking up excuses to why I need to buy more fabric!

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