A quilt in progress

Well I started making a quilt a few months back, it is only my second (ever) and I have made some mistakes, I am ok with that as they say you learn from mistakes right?!

My first quilt I started many years ago, It (when I say “it” in this instance i mean the idea) started off as a double sized quilt and ended up the size of a wall hanging! I did not have the patience for cutting the squares neatly to the exact same size, something I have only realised was a down fall since starting this second quilt and the other big mistake was the binding, a mistake I have still not rectified.

Now on to the second one

downloadI started it when I had a selection of fabrics but not enough to make a whole quilt, mistake number 1. I need to buy more fabric, which is no hardship BUT it means the newer fabric will not appear on these three strips.

downloadYou can probably see from the above picture mistake number 2, look at that green square in the middle, if it is actually a square and not a rectangle….

Despite all the mistakes I still like what I have done so far, all I can say it is going to have character once it is finished.

I did buy more fabric for the quilt

downloadYou will also be glad to hear that I got a rotary cutter and Mat!

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