Felt christmas ornament

I tried my hand at some more christmas decorations today. I have some felt I bought months ago with the idea of making christmas tree ornaments and tonight was the night I finally cracked on with them, well when I say them I mean one.





I do like the end result but knew I should have trusted my gut and gone with bolder colours like red felt with white stitching, I sort of feel the colours on the star are more for easter, that said I still like it.

I never thought I would ever say it but I feel all christmassed (?) out. Well what I mean is I can not even think, let alone do any more christmas crafting for this year.

So now the big question is what should I have a go at next? hanging hearts? coin purse? patchworking? cushion covers? more curtains? Oh which reminds me I will have to show you my sons curtains that I made myself, well with the help of my mother in law. I will save the curtains for their very own post though.

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