Christmas Ornaments

I was looking for a craft to do with my son, who is turning two soon. I done a search on the internet and found salt dough

2 cups plain flour

1 cup salt

1 cup warm water

We made a batch up and put them in the oven at the temperature stated and for the time stated and… I burnt them all, I wish I had taken a picture, oh well maybe next time!

Luckily I had some left over as I couldn’t fit them all in the oven, I didn’t put the rest of them in the oven that night and when I went back to them the next day I noticed they had started to dry out and harden all by themselves so I turned them over (so the underside could get some air) and left them. After a couple of days they were all hard and ready for the fun part, decoration.

I want to get some glitter and some pretty string to hang them with. The small stars (I am thinking) would make nice tags for presents, oh the possibilities.

I have to admit at some point this went from being an activity I was doing with my son into something much more for me, I will let him have ago at some of the ornamments tomorrow…maybe…

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